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Everyone says that spring and autumn is a good season for decoration. Must it be bad in summer? Not necessarily. In fact, summer decoration also has many benefits. Let's see together

everyone says that spring and autumn is a good season for decoration. Must the decoration be bad in summer? Not necessarily. In fact, summer decoration also has many benefits. Let's see together. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of summer decoration 1. The off-season decoration price is affordable. The bad weather undoubtedly makes summer the off-season of the decoration industry, and it is also the traditional off-season for decoration companies and workers. Decoration companies often make profits in terms of price. 2. In summer, the working hours of decoration workers will be relatively extended due to the long and abundant white days, so it is very helpful to speed up the project progress and shorten the construction period. 3. Environmental friendly materials are easier to identify hot and humid weather, formaldehyde will be released multiple times, and the environmental protection performance of materials can be easily identified by nose. 4. Fast air circulation ensures environmental protection. In summer, the decoration can maintain good ventilation, and the air in the room can be quickly taken away, so the gases detrimental to the human body in the home decoration project are also easy to volatilize. Disadvantages of decoration in summer 1. The construction environment of workers is poor. The temperature in summer is high, and people are prone to heatstroke. At the same time, due to the high temperature, harmful substances in decoration materials are released severely, and the air is poor, which affects the working state of decoration workers. 2. The water evaporates quickly, and the material is easy to deform. In summer, it is hot and humid. The moisture content of decoration materials is relatively high in summer, and it is easy to dry and crack in the dry season. 3. High humidity paint is not easy to dry wall putty, ceiling wall coating, wood paint and other oil work. High humidity weather makes it difficult to dry for a long time, which will have an adverse impact on subsequent projects. 4. Condensing water is easy to occur. In summer, when hot and humid water vapor meets indoor shady pipes, it is easy to liquefy to form condensed water, and even form dripping water drops, which will bring some trouble to the decoration. There are indeed some problems in summer decoration, but we can't enlarge it too much. We can't just avoid it or ignore it. It is particularly important to face up to the disadvantages of summer decoration and effectively avoid it. How to resolve the disadvantages of decoration in summer? Key points of material selection 1. Purchase materials with low moisture content. When purchasing decoration materials in summer, you can appropriately choose materials with low moisture content and relatively dry. After entering the site, place them for a day or two to make them the same as the surrounding humidity, so as to avoid material deformation as much as possible. 2. Water and electricity pipelines and tapes have strong high temperature resistance, and the safety requirements of water and electricity materials are also higher in summer decoration. The materials used, such as wire pipes and tapes, should be able to withstand long-lasting high temperature. Hot dip galvanized iron pipes can be used to strengthen the strength and hardness of materials. The insulation tape is easy to fall off when the circuit connector is at high temperature for a long time. The connector can be used to replace the black tape to avoid the phenomenon of tape falling off at the connector. Key points of construction 1. Carpenters should pay attention to moisture and deformation prevention. When the air humidity is high in summer, it is easy to cause some wood products to deform. Those who make furniture on site should pay attention to putting the required boards and timbers in a well ventilated place where the sun cannot reach directly, because the temperature is high in summer, the humidity changes greatly, and the exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue of wood products. In addition, measures against moisture and deformation shall be taken during storage. 2. Bricklayers need to ensure that the tiles fully absorb water. In summer, the temperature is high, and the water evaporates too fast, so the tiles are easy to crack, deform and even fall off. In order to ensure that the tiles absorb enough water, it is best to soak them in advance, and then remove them after absorbing enough water. After the surface is dried, it is also necessary to soak them twice, and use them while fishing. After tiling the floor, it is best to cover it with a layer of cardboard, water it thoroughly, and then ventilate it to dry naturally. For the walls with ceramic tiles, if the temperature is high and there is no rain for a long time, spray water regularly to make the tiles dry slowly. 3. Pay attention to three precautions in emulsion paint construction. 1) reasons for rough and wrinkled paint film: painting in summer, it is easy to cause the drying speed of the surface layer of the paint film to be much faster than that of the bottom layer, and the uncured film is easy to be stained with dust or oil when exposed to an excessively humid environment. Solution: scrape or polish the surface of the substrate, remove the wrinkled coating, and repaint. 2) . reasons for mold and smell change of paint surface: it is humid in summer. If there is no good ventilation, the paint film is easy to mold and smell due to humidity and high temperature. Solution: paint can only be applied after three to four times of putty; The drying time of putty shall be extended as far as possible, and ventilation shall be done well; Brush the interface agent before puttying. 3) . reasons for yellowing of paint surface: latex paint walls with strong sunlight in summer are prone to yellowing. Solution: choose high-quality emulsion paint that is anti-aging and sun resistant. One of the difficulties in decoration construction in summer is painting the wall. The temperature and humidity in summer are not conducive to the construction of emulsion paint. In order to prevent the regretful project caused by weather, the above problems need to be prevented during the construction of emulsion paint




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