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The exchange of knowledge and the collision of souls can stimulate inspiration, let you burst out more creativity, and only innovation can make progress. If you blindly stay at the moment, the development space of the enterprise will be greatly reduced. Therefore, innovation is the driving force of enterprise development

constantly promote the development of the home industry. The opening of karoya home customization Experience Hall is an exploration of the progress of the home industry

on the afternoon of September 18, 2014, the leaders of Shenzhen family Association and their delegation visited the karoya customized home experience hall. Mr. Lai Yongjing, general manager of our marketing center, and other leaders extended a warm welcome to them and led them to visit the marketing center and the karoya customized home experience Hall with an area of more than 3000 square meters. He explained in detail and patiently the company's development history, brand culture, product research and development, production technology, etc. The two sides also had in-depth discussions on how to better serve consumers, help dealers, the current trends and situation of the industry, popular products, decors and other related topics

through continuous exchanges and communication between the two sides, the leading representatives of Shenzhen family Association expressed high appreciation for the corporate mission of karoya wardrobe to "provide overall home solutions, and innovate and lead the human lifestyle", and affirmed karoya's comprehensive competitive strength in the wardrobe industry. He hoped that through the joint efforts of the two sides in the future, he would contribute to the development of China's home furnishing industry. As the earliest established wardrobe brand in China, karoya wardrobe will provide consumers with newer, more and better high-quality customized household products and services, and make due contributions to the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of China's wardrobe industry

karoya adheres to sustainable development and sets up a stronger R & D team to create an environment-friendly and healthy home life. As it goes further and further on the road of scientific and technological innovation, karoya's development will also be better and better

home customization has become a fashion trend. Karoya contributes to environmental protection and jointly builds a global green village. Everyone living on the earth has the responsibility to contribute to the protection of the earth. Karoya customized home creates an environmental friendly and green home for you





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