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Wooden furniture has always been the most reliable furniture product. How can we keep our wooden furniture young forever? The six decontamination methods of wooden furniture are simple and practical

wooden furniture has always been the most trusted furniture product. How can we make our wooden furniture young forever

six decontamination methods for wooden furniture are simple and practical

I. remove oil stains on wooden furniture

[solution]: residual tea is an excellent detergent. After wiping, spray a small amount of corn flour for wiping, and finally wipe the corn flour. Corn flour can absorb the dirt on the surface of furniture and make the paint smooth and bright

II. Remove the oil and ink stains on the wooden furniture

[solution]: add two parts of white vinegar to one part of water, wipe the ink on the wooden furniture with a sponge dipped in the mixture, and then clean and dry it

III. treatment of yellowing of white furniture

[solution]: the white paint on the surface of furniture will turn yellow after a long time. Wipe it with a rag dipped in toothpaste, and be careful not to use too much force; You can also mix the two egg yolks, apply them to the yellowing place with a soft brush, and carefully wipe them clean with a soft cloth after drying. In addition, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight on furniture for a long time in use

IV. treatment of furniture scratches

[solution]: if the furniture is accidentally scratched, but does not touch the wood below the paint film, you can use a soft cloth with a little melted wax, apply it to the paint film wound, and cover the wound. After the wax hardens, apply another layer. The scar can be covered up by applying it repeatedly for several times

v. paint film burn repair method

[solution]: if the furniture is accidentally burned by cigarette butts, ashes or matches that have not been extinguished, leaving scorch marks (wood under the unburned paint film), you can wrap a chopstick head with a small piece of fine grained hard cloth, gently wipe the burn marks, and then apply a thin layer of wax to remove the scorch marks

VI. watermark

[solution]: the furniture is not wiped in time due to dripping water. After a period of time, water seeps into the gap of the paint film and accumulates, making the paint film appear a watermark. At this time, just cover the water mark with a clean wet cloth, and then carefully press the wet cloth with an iron, so that the water gathered in the watermark will be evaporated, and the watermark will disappear




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