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Although customized furniture meets the personalized needs, there are also many future problems. In order to avoid these problems, acceptance is essential. The following focuses on several precautions for the acceptance of customized furniture

look at the appearance

checking the appearance quality of decorated furniture is similar to checking the appearance quality of doors and windows. It mainly depends on whether the surface paint film is smooth and bright, and whether there are quality defects such as sags, bubbles, wrinkles, etc; It also depends on whether the color difference of the decorative panel is large, whether the patterns are consistent, and whether there are corrosion points, dead joints, broken pieces, etc; Whether the edge banding of various wood-based panel components is tight and straight, whether there is degumming, whether the surface is smooth and flat, and whether there is collision

see the craft

whether the furniture is fine or not, you can observe it from the combination part to see the rationality and firmness of the connection point between each component of the furniture. How can the overall structure of furniture, each connection point, including the level and decoration, save more money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. The connection points between the verticals must be close without gaps or looseness. Drawers and cabinet doors shall be opened and closed flexibly and returned correctly. The periphery of the glass door shall be polished and neat, with flexible opening and closing, no debris and scratches, symmetrical corners, and correct buckle position

look at the structure

check whether the structure of the furniture is reasonable and whether the frame is upright and firm. Gently push the furniture with your hand. If it shakes or creaks, it indicates that the structure is not firm. Check the verticality of the furniture and its warpage

look at the size

furniture should not only be beautiful, but also practical. Whether the size of furniture conforms to the principle of ergonomics and the specified size determines whether the furniture is convenient to use

see accessories

the industry mainly checks whether customized furniture accessories such as chair pads, side anti-skid pads, hinge covers, etc. are complete. If not, it should be raised in time




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