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From September 26 to 27, the two-day Ruiming door and window gold medal shopping guide training came to a successful conclusion

training value-added, empowering stores. Ruiming doors and windows regularly carries out training for terminal stores across the country, aiming to improve the design level and communication ability of stores, and provide customers with more professional and intimate customized services, so as to enhance the value of brands and stores

from September 26 to 27, the two-day Ruiming door and window gold medal shopping guide training ended successfully. This training combines excellent technicians and lecturers from sunshine room, design business department and marketing center to give lectures, including understanding product design concepts, getting familiar with orders, improving the performance of single stores, improving the understanding of the company's brand, and explaining customer communication programs

the first batch of registered store students were enrolled in this training, and the small class interactive class ensured the training effect. Some of the stores that participated in the training not only sent store designers to study, but also the dealer's family members who attached great importance to it also came to learn knowledge in person

Wei Wei, marketing director, talked about how to do active marketing well from the cruelty of the current environment, analyzed a large number of cases, and thoroughly explained the skills and techniques of active marketing

Ji Jianwei, manager of sunshine room business department, explained in detail to the students how to become an all-round designer who understands products, can design and can communicate. A professional and sincere attitude of "teaching customers how to choose a good sunshine room" is Ruiming's expectation for store designers

Xu Zhixiang, deputy director of marketing, dissected in detail the five major series of Ruiming's retail products (urban fashion, the way of nature, Yipin Zunmu, Chinese retro, cabinet and bathroom series), Ruiming's German hardware and unique product characteristics

Marketing Director Tang Biao, decrypt the brand elements of Ruiming, and how to create a unique brand proposition from the sea, land and air! Win is in execution. The dealer explained in detail the importance of actively cooperating with the company's large-scale promotional activities

Wu Wei, the person in charge of the preparation of Ruiming door and window business school, analyzed how to "endorse brand strength", "improve service quality", "how to sell doors and windows", and so on

Fang qicong of Ruiming door and window design department explained in detail the process operation of orders, the measurement and design of doors and windows, and also arranged a large number of drawing exercises

designer training enables Ruiming doors and windows to empower stores and improve store response speed, so as to improve transaction rate and refresh performance

praise yourself, praise Ruiming

the training meeting is so successful, and the training of Ruiming doors and windows training department will continue in an orderly manner throughout the year. Next, we have more regional training sessions, single store training sessions, etc

training value-added, let's make an appointment for the next training meeting





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