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Refuse to disturb in the study space, which greatly improves the power of work and study. The collocation of furniture in the study should be paid attention to, so how should the study furniture be planned to be reasonable

the importance of the study is no less than that of the living room in home decoration. Refuse to disturb in the study space, which greatly improves the power of work and study. The collocation of furniture in the study should be paid attention to, for example: comfortable and convenient to use, etc. So how should the study furniture be planned reasonably

the selection of custom study desks in terms of scale should not only consider the study space, but also be calculated according to the height of family members. Data shows that the height of 750-780mm desk is more in line with people's use. At the same time, considering the comfort of placing legs during use, the clear height under the desk is not less than 580mm. The selection of seats should match the height of the desk as much as possible, and the height should be moderate. In the case of their own conditions, it is best to buy swivel chairs, which are generally 380-450mm high, which is conducive to people's activity needs

the customized study bookcases in the market are roughly divided into independent and combined types, and the height is also related to the style. The independent bookcase in the study is customized and planned according to the space conditions. It uses the included angle of the wall, and there are also wall entry styles that cover a large area of the wall, etc. On the other hand, if the study space area is limited, the desk cabinet combination type is more appropriate. Under the limited space, the usability requirements will be met. You can also make a tatami combination to make the study space richer

the main format of the study includes work area, storage area, and a rest area can be set if conditions permit. The study is for everyone to work and study, so the format of the study must be arranged in a clear division of labor, especially in the study with small space, we should pay more attention to the reasonable collocation of space, and the space should not appear crowded. The basic facilities of the study are desks, chairs and bookcases. Some study rooms will also be equipped with computers. In some houses without a study, the bedroom is generally used as a study. In fact, the choice of bookcases depends on the owner's preferences and the details of the house

the lighting of the study is very important. If there is a window in the study, you can use the natural lighting to move the desk close to the direction of the window, but you should consider the reflection of the natural lighting on the computer screen, so you can't get too close, and you can also rely on the window cloth to block some strong light. The most important thing about the study is that it has good lighting, which is conducive to reading and makes people open-minded. Therefore, ensuring sufficient and comfortable light sources is a must for every study. If you want to have a perfect study, you can consult us online

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