Gas prevention measures for overhaul of the hottes

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Gas prevention measures for blast furnace maintenance

most of the blast furnace maintenance operations are carried out in the blast furnace, pipeline, dust collector or silo. Special attention should be paid to prevent gas poisoning and suffocation accidents. Maintenance personnel must wear gas masks

before maintenance, the carbon monoxide alarm must be used to detect the gas concentration, and the maintenance operation can be carried out only when the concentration is within the safe range. During the maintenance process, special personnel shall be assigned outside the tank for supervision. The maintenance operation must strictly implement the equipment operation card system, and special personnel shall be assigned to check the number of people entering and leaving. 4. When it is found that the service life: the number of people entering and leaving is inconsistent, the domestic box board and corrugated paper output in 2016 totaled 45.75 million tons, which should be immediately searched and verified

maintenance may fall into passive operation. Specific measures to prevent gas poisoning:

(1) before charging into the furnace, test whether the concentration of CO in the air in the furnace meets the operation standard, and take measures to prevent falling objects from injuring people

(2) before overhauling the bell and hopper, cut off the gas and keep good ventilation. When overhauling under the big clock, the furnace shall be equipped with an open flame; After the maintenance, the bell can be removed from the protective beam only after it is confirmed that all operators in the furnace are evacuated. When the CO in the maintenance operation environment exceeds 100mg/m3, the operators must wear protective equipment and analyze the gas composition in the operation area every 2 hours. When overhauling the bell, the blast furnace charge level shall be controlled and a certain thickness of water slag shall be paved. All tuyeres shall be sand sealed, and ventilation devices shall be set at the overhauling parts

(3) gas protection personnel shall be on site to monitor when the air is stopped to enter the furnace for operation or the air is stopped for maintenance on the furnace top. When dealing with furnace top equipment failure, gas protection personnel shall carry carbon monoxide detector and oxygen detector for monitoring at the same time to prevent gas poisoning and nitrogen suffocation. When working on the furnace top, pay attention to the wind direction and whether there is leakage in the nitrogen valve and pressure equalizing valve

(4) under normal production conditions, for the maintenance of sealing valve in the tank, the maintenance of charging tank equipment in the blast furnace and the replacement of distribution chute on the top of the furnace, you must first detect whether you need the concentration of electronic universal testing machine or hydraulic universal testing machine for gas and nitrogen, and formulate reliable safety technical measures and report them to the production technology director for approval

(5) during maintenance and cleaning of the interior of the hot blast stove, the gas pipeline shall be isolated by blind plate. All valves except the flue valve shall be closed and the power supply of the valve shall be cut off

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