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China's west to east gas pipeline project selected Ge again to compress its marketization process, which had no impact on the company's expenditure structure. Technology

PetroChina awarded Ge oil and gas group a new contract worth 100million US dollars

ge will supply 6 sets of gas driven compressor units and 9 sets of electric driven compressor units for west east gas pipeline II (weppii)

this further consolidated GE's position as a major supplier of pipeline compression technology

on May 17, 2011, the compression technology of Beijing General Electric Company (GE) oil and gas group was selected again to support the west to east gas transmission project. In the two contracts with a total value of USD 100million, Ge will supply 6 sets of gas turbine driven compressor units and 9 sets of electric drive compressor units for the eastern section of west east gas pipeline 2 of PetroChina

CNPC is the owner and developer of the west to East Gas Pipeline facility. The pipeline meanders through 13 provinces and autonomous regions in China, playing a vital role in China's long-term energy security and development. Since 2005, GE has been the main supplier of compression equipment for the first and second lines of West to east gas transmission project. Thanks to BYK's understanding of the development trend of the industry and customer demand, GE has won a total contract of about US $700million

g BASF has launched a new polyether polyol product. Claudi Santiago, President and CEO of E Oil & Gas Group, said: these two latest contracts of PetroChina have further consolidated GE's position as a major supplier of high-tech oil and gas equipment in the region in key energy infrastructure projects. Including China's landmark west east gas transmission project, GE has installed 120 gas drive and 110 electric drive compressor units in the Asian pipeline project

Claudio Santiago said: Ge is committed to providing strong support to customers by further expanding the localization process in China. We have invested heavily in human resources and service capabilities to expand and strengthen the local workforce, including functional departments such as engineering technology, manufacturing, project management, sales and field service engineering

PCL compressor driven by GE pgt25+ gas turbine will be included in the latest compression equipment contract of west east gas pipeline 2 project. Pgt25+ gas turbine is developed by GE aviation group on the basis of aviation modified gas turbine technology. It integrates the cutting-edge technology from GE's diversified businesses and is a reliable high-tech key product for oil and gas industry applications. Cross industry technology sharing is the main feature of GE's differentiation strategy, and it also brings professional engineering technologies from all walks of life to its customers

pgt25+ gas turbines will be jointly manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and Florence, Italy. The compressors manufactured by Florence are expected to arrive in China from the second half of 2011 to the third quarter of 2012, but the quantities are always 1, 2, 3, 4,...N

for more than 30 years, Ge oil & Gas Group has been actively participating in China's economic construction and has become an important partner in the oil refining and petrochemical fields of China's oil and gas industry. With the increasing demand for natural gas transmission represented by the two West to east gas transmission pipeline projects, Ge oil and gas business is also expanding and gradually becomes a major supplier of pipeline compression equipment in China and Asia

at present, there are nearly 30 pipeline pressurization stations in China running Ge produced compressors and aviation modified gas turbine equipment. In order to help customers meet the challenging installation schedule without sacrificing performance and reliability, Ge oil & Gas Group redesigned the gas drive compressor unit, simplified the conventional installation and commissioning procedures, and thus reduced the installation time and field workload

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(as a leading supplier in the world's oil and gas industry, it provides advanced technical equipment and services for various fields of the oil and gas industry, including drilling and oil production, LNG, pipeline and storage and transportation, industrial power generation, oil refining and petrochemical. Ge oil and gas also provides pipeline integrity solutions including exploration and data management, as well as logging tools, MWD equipment and technologies for oilfield services. Ge oil and gas The Group continues to improve the performance and productivity of the oil and gas industry by widely adopting the technological innovations of other GE business units such as GE aviation and GE Healthcare. Ge oil & gas operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 16000 people

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ge adheres to its corporate philosophy of high quality and innovation, and is also committed to providing technology and solutions for the energy field. The company continuously invests in emerging technologies and achieves growth through acquisition strategies, so as to consolidate its localized operations and better serve global customers. GE Energy Group () is a business group under Ge. It has more than 90000 employees worldwide and achieved an operating revenue of $38billion in 2010. GE power equipment under Ge energy cooperates with water treatment, GE Energy Services and Ge oil & gas to provide comprehensive product and service solutions for various fields of the energy industry, including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy; Renewable resources, such as hydropower, wind energy, solar energy and biogas, as well as other alternative fuels and new modern electric technologies, to meet the energy needs of the 21st century

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