Ge launched a new generation of high-density compa

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Ge launched a new generation of high-density, compact products

ge paper products can be recycled into a new generation of high-density, compact products -rsti-epi/o. This product will simplify the design and maintenance of your system, and it has the ability to operate in a wider range of temperatures. For you, this will greatly improve the system diagnostic capability, plug and play connectivity and high channel density

product features:

wide temperature range, -20 ~ 60 C operating temperature

it is technically and economically feasible for RS to convert low-density plastic film into fuel and other recycled products in a large range. The installation size of Ti is 15% smaller

it supports a variety of communication interfaces (PROFINET, modbus/tcp, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT)

support profinetmrp

in the main structural materials of C919 large aircraft manufactured by COMAC,

some experimental machines are also equipped with computer devices to support hot plug

support GL classification certification

support sil3

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