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General electric and Microsoft announced to deepen industrial interconnection cooperation

[techweb report] on October 26, according to Reuters, a senior executive of General Electric said that general electric and Microsoft would announce a more in-depth cooperation. This cooperation involves GE's predix industrial interconnection platform and Microsoft's azure, which should not violently impact the inclined block on the swing arm; Cloud platform

General Electric CEO John? Flannery and Microsoft CEO Satya? NADELLA

bill, head of Ge digital business? Bill RUH said that this cooperation has extensively expanded the integration of Microsoft cloud software and Ge predix applications

predix is a software platform developed by GE. It connects industrial equipment such as jet engines and power plants with computers that can predict failures and reduce operating costs

General Electric CEO John? John Flannery and Satya, CEO of Microsoft? Satya NADELLA will announce this cooperation result on Wednesday local time, but it is not satisfactory. A few days earlier, General Electric announced its cooperation with apple

previously, GE's predix experienced a period of instability. These partnerships demonstrated GE's strength in reaching new deals through its industrial interconnection system

Rohe said that the cooperation initially focused on oil and gas and mining companies, but it also applies to other companies running Microsoft software, including the vast majority of industrial companies

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