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On the afternoon of June 5, Alessandro, general manager of global sales of Ge oil and gas downstream business, and Girish, general manager of global oil and gas refining business, visited Shaanxi Yanchang group and held a symposium. Li Dapeng, assistant general manager of Shaanxi Yanchang Group Co., Ltd., attended the Symposium and introduced to the visitors why the small panel control system has not been widely used in oil, natural gas and coal? To answer such questions, the integrated and comprehensive development, in-depth transformation and recycling of resources in carbon, rock salt and other fields

at the meeting, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the trends and trends of coal chemical industry, oil and natural gas at home and abroad, and possible cooperation fields in the future. Subsequently, Li Dapeng led a delegation of Ge oil & Gas Group downstream business representatives to visit the sand table of Jingbian chemical park project of the group company, focusing on the synthesizer compression and implementation of Yanchang Jingbian project. After visiting the sand table of Jingbian project, the Ge business representative and his delegation expressed the hope to establish strategic cooperative relations with Yanchang group for various uses, and invited the group company to send representatives to participate in the Ge Croton training in the United States, hoping to provide a force for Yanchang Petroleum to become a world-renowned innovative international energy and chemical enterprise in future cooperation

the inherent characteristics of Yanchang group's Beijing nanoparticles are mainly reflected in the following aspects: increased reaction activity, high catalytic performance, decreased melting point, increased resistance, enhanced magnetism, strong light absorption performance, strong light emission performance, good photoelectric performance, equal emphasis on hardness and plasticity, and high specific heat, high thermal expansion and high dispersion. The engineering company, the group's engineering management department Caoyang, head of science and technology department and general manager of Ge oil & gas downstream business group sales in Greater China, Yan Baozhu, Asia Pacific Business Director of Ge oil & gas downstream business group, and Wang Jun, sales director of Ge oil & gas downstream business group attended the symposium

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