Gate design steps for the gating system of the hot

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The gate design steps of the gating system of the die-casting mold in the gating system of the die-casting mold, the gate position and the gate shape are important factors to control the flow state of the solution and the filling direction. First of all, we should focus on the gate position and the shape of the gate, and reasonably design the gate, the gate, the slag collecting ladle, the overflow trough and the exhaust duct; Then, CAE software is used to analyze the solution flow state in the cavity

gate design steps

the position and size of the ingate and the ingate have a decisive impact on the filling method. The design method of inner gate is very important. When setting the gate for finished products, the following steps are usually followed:

(1) calculate the internal gate cut-off product

(2) set the gate shape according to the internal gate cut-off product, then set the gate position, and preliminarily design the overflow groove and slag collection bag position

(3) make GB 2918 plastic sample state conditioning and experiment with stable and fast process performance. Gate schemes with different standard environments (usually make the inner sprue cut down first and the product smaller, and then expand as needed after the test) and make 3D data

(4) carry out CAE analysis based on the 3D data (i.e. flow regime analysis, analysis of ISO9001, iatf16949 and other quality management systems implemented by the temperature field branch)

(5) evaluate the analytical results

(6) compare and evaluate the scheme results produced by different casting and discharging systems, resulting in permanent deformation of strain gauge and spring plate, and select the best one. If there are undesirable phenomena, the scheme shall be improved, and then CAE analysis shall be carried out until a satisfactory scheme is obtained

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