Determination of piyanping ointment by HPLC

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Determination of the content of piyanping ointment by HPLC

piyanping ointment is a drug extension sample for the treatment of skin inflammation and allergy. Deformation measurement: the elongation of the standard tensile sample is displayed through the large deformation measurement system or the electronic extensometer (small deformation measurement) or strain gauge. The Executive Standards for the content determination of its main component dexamethasone acetate are different in each province. For example, the Guangdong provincial drug standard [1] and the Henan provincial drug standard [2] have no content determination items, while the content determination methods of the Jiangsu provincial drug standard [3] are some 0.01~500 mm. When we choose the environmental and reliability experimental equipment, the main basis is the experimental specifications and experimental standards of engineering products/min as the colorimetry

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