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Determination of fruit yogurt Bottle Design II

determination of packaging design

in fact, just like the graphic scheme and user research, the molded packaging design scheme was quickly determined through discussion. Holdsworth said, "we have conducted a lot of research and market research to understand what size is most suitable for our target users. Women aged between 18 and 49, including young mothers with children (who also drink the product). We surveyed hundreds of consumers and our internal employees to ask them which bottle design they prefer. "

at Sonoco's packaging development center in Hartsville, North Carolina, the packaging technology team immediately began work, designing sample bottles for light flavored fruit yogurt according to the technical specifications of old home foods. They suggested a special shape, which could distinguish light flavored products from other competitive products. Soon, Sonoco provided three special bottle samples with novel styles for old home foods.

Rodger Fuller, vice president of Sonoco in charge of consumer products in North America, explained: "like old home foods, Sonoco also sees a good opportunity to provide bottles for the high growth functional beverage market and yogurt drinks."

Sonoco is proud of its packaging design center. "We can design bottles with different patterns, shapes and structures according to customers' opinions, as well as self-made sample bottles that customers can take back and show to their marketers on the same day," fuller said, "We can quickly convert the concept into samples, and can produce bottles with various materials. This is not part of our existing business, but it can be traced back to what we call the solution method. Customers are very satisfied with this method. I avoid water leakage, and steamers can produce paper cans of various shapes, packaging, flexible packaging, synthetic cans, thermoplastic cups/bowls/blow molding bottles."

Grey Moore, a market consultant of Sonoco's hard plastic department, added: "if customers need a unique or patented packaging shape, we are able to carry out engineering drawing and rapid molding (stereolithography and three-dimensional strip pressing method) 。 This is what we did for old home foods. We soon provided them with some samples. The host stiffness refers to the maximum that the host can bear, so that they can know what their bottles will look like. "

moore explained, "this process takes only twoorthree days, not a few weeks. This is just a quick way to provide people with samples, not to make a high-quality mold that takes two to four weeks to produce bottles."

the samples were manufactured in advance, and when old home foods finally decided on an 8-ounce custom shape design that was very suitable for them, the mold was also built. "For them, time is the most critical factor," Moore said, "Old home foods needs a bottle with unique and attractive shape, and requires to supply it soon. We spent a week on drawing and rapid modeling of steel structure fire retardant coating GB 14907 (2) 002, and took out the sample bottle and gave it to them for trial filling and sealing. We submitted a variety of sample bottles with different shapes and processing methods, and determined the final production and processing method after two to three months."

rodger Parkhurst, plant head of old home foods, said, "we found that this bottle with a special curve is very suitable for holding, and the size is also very suitable for women's hands."

specific processing process

it is very easy to fill and seal the final formed bottles according to the requirements of old home foods. This is a single-layer high-density polyethylene bottle with wired grinding lines and visible mechanical belt at the neck. This bottle with beautiful curve 1 The pulley on the toothed rod and its track are made of excessive dust and rust by blowing mold, and the shuttle molding equipment owned by Sonoco company is used. The middle of the bottle body is very wide, tapering below the waist in a curved shape, and then widening at the bottom. At the neck, it gradually becomes thinner, and the parts below the linear grinding lines become thicker. "What Sonoco did exceeded our expectations," Holdsworth said. "Not only did the final bottle 7 design fully meet their commitments, but also completed the plan ahead of schedule. It was a great pleasure to work with them."

the shrink film label with rich fruit patterns completed with the assistance of compass design () strengthens the design of this easy to hold bottle. The design uses a light blue background, decorated with colorful and bright fruit drink splashes. The logo of old home foods is printed on the top, and the product name is highlighted in yellow font on a dark blue background. The taste category is marked in the red and white oval below the product name. Portola packaging company () provides a 38mm twist off sealing pull ring, which uses light blue polypropylene material, and is printed with the logo of old home foods, product name and the prompt "please shake it fully"

when visiting the factory, Parkhurst told PD magazine that at present, the fruit yogurt bottling line is very busy, and the workers change shifts every 10 hours a day, working five days a week. This production line was installed in a former warehouse, which was completely transformed from floor to ceiling to meet the requirements of dairy bottling. The speed of this production line can be up to 300 bottles per minute, and it can handle three different sizes of bottles and about 20 different product inventory devices. It can be used to can all kinds of 8-ounce and 10 ounce beverage bottles of old home's own brand, as well as 6-ounce bottles of milk, beans and other products. Add lactic acid bacteria into the raw material of yogurt beverage, then treat the product through high temperature/instant sterilization (HTST) system, separate it into a second container (with a capacity of 1200 ~ 2000 gallons), and store it at a proper temperature for storing drinkable fruit yogurt. Then, pour the product into a 600 gallon mixing container and mix it with fruits and other flavorings

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