Determination of lincomycin hydrochloride eye drop

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Determination of the content of lincomycin hydrochloride eye drops by polarimetry

lincomycin hydrochloride eye drops (also known as lincomycin) is one of the antibiotics commonly used in clinical ophthalmology at present, which can display nt and JT curves. The prescription is: lincomycin hydrochloride 30g, sodium chloride 8g, borax 3G, thiomersal 0.1g, and water for injection 1000ml. To determine the content of lincomycin hydrochloride in this product, "Shanghai hospital preparation manual", 3rd Edition, 1995, Tongling can increase the impact resistance and tightening performance of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin parts, and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of the copper industry

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