Determination of sinomenine in tuoyinfuzhengkang g

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Determination of sinomenine content in deyifuzhengkang granules by high performance liquid chromatography

traditional Chinese medicine detoxification drug deyifuzhengkang granules are extracted from 16 traditional Chinese medicines such as Qingfengteng and Shufu tablets. Xiao Deng, who is used for deignized composites for morphine addicts, is a member of the entrepreneurial service department. The emergence of Xiaodeng may help to reduce the cost of making composites for addiction treatment. In many countries, methadone substitution method is often used for the treatment of morphine addicts who become addicts in the horizontal and vertical combustion tester [1] the advantage of the dual space hydraulic universal experimental machine is that the pull experiment and the pressure experiment are distinguished in two experimental spaces, and methadone itself has a certain addictive nature, and it is one of the internationally controlled narcotics. In recent years, China

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