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Three kinds of consciousness of gift box wine packaging design

Chinese people are good at reciprocity, so gifts play the role of messenger of emotional communication

as a commodity for emotional consumption, Baijiu is an essential gift in the traditional communication of Chinese people. Almost all Baijiu products of any grade have their own gift box. The prosperity of gifts has also led to the prosperity of the gift box production industry. The attention of Baijiu manufacturers to gift box wine is basically focused on gift box packaging. Although this statement is somewhat exaggerated, it illustrates the importance of gift box packaging to a certain extent

what details should be paid attention to in gift box packaging? What factors need to be grasped and tempered

market consciousness

why take market consciousness as the first consciousness of gift box packaging? In the current era of market economy, if the packaging of goods lacks market awareness, which consumer is willing to pay? Commodities cannot be turned into commodities. What about vitality and creativity

what aspects should we pay attention to in this market awareness

Mr. Tang Huiming, general manager of Shenzhen guangxinjia packaging products Co., Ltd., said: "to do a good job in gift box packaging, we must first enter the market, find new highlights from the market, and find a common language with the object we want to design from the market."

he then said, "how to enter the market and which markets to enter? It is best to enter food supermarkets, shopping malls, specialty stores, grocery stores and wholesale markets. You should go to the shelves filled with all kinds of food to see what kind of gift boxes consumers buy? Is it the influence of brand, packaging design, or price? The influence introduced by the shopping guide?"

"secondly, you should go into the production enterprise, fully understand the characteristics, quality, shape (or shape) of the product, and be well aware of it. Naturally, you will be able to grasp the main foundation, harmonious patterns and other basic elements of the gift box design."

guangxinjia company is Maotai 4 Thirdly, the power source (electromechanical) of the pulling machine is also called motor. Wuliangye series liquor has been used as high-end gift boxes. Maotai and Wuliangye are the mainstream commodities of Baijiu and are the preferred gifts for consumers. The exquisite gift box packaging of these two series we see in the market is the successful work of packaging production enterprises in applying market awareness

cultural awareness

gift box packaging is a part of corporate culture

this is a common saying in the industry. Since it is corporate culture, it is necessary to have a deeper research on the Ci of enterprises, so that the embodiment of culture is complete, rather than forcibly attaching the so-called culture to products. Culture without connotation is a body without spiritual soul. The identity of Maotai national liquor, the 500 year old cellar of Luzhou Laojiao, the Tang Dynasty prosperity of Jiannanchun and other Baijiu cultures are classics that are inherited and carried forward. These cultures can be vividly expressed on the gift box

at the 2004 Chengdu sugar and wine fair, the wine gift boxes and high-end gift boxes designed by guangxinjia company were novel and noble, which were highly praised by the participating merchants. Many customers expressed their intention to cooperate and signed contracts

what is the reason for cooperation


Mr. Tang Huiming of guangxinjia was a little excited about the company's achievements. "The pursuit of running an enterprise is to create demand and deal without improvement. To build an enterprise brand, we need the enterprise image, rather than regard it as a money making machine. Every year, we spend a lot of human, material and financial resources to carry out technological transformation of the enterprise, purchase advanced production equipment, create a good production and office environment, and train employees in labor skills."

"To launch packaging works with cultural charm, designers are required to read more books, such as literature and history, cultivate solid cultural foundation; study more advanced packaging works; have a comprehensive understanding of the design object they are engaged in, understand its production background, cultural requirements and its consumption object, and add cultural content pointedly. In a word, culture also needs to appear in a new face, and form individuals The unique cultural language strives to be elegant and extraordinary. "

it is the profound cultural foundation of packaging practitioners that can endow the gift commodity packaging of manufacturing enterprises with healthy, positive and rich cultural connotation, so that the gift box culture can be accepted by consumers and succeed

originality consciousness

we have discussed the originality of packaging, and as a gift box, its originality also needs the obvious personality style characteristics of manufacturers and designers

Shenzhen guangxinjia packaging products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the one-stop service of packaging design, production and printing. It is a key cooperative enterprise in the production of gift boxes of Maotai (Group) distillery products for many years. High elastic materials are processed through injection molding. In just a few years, it has formed a large-scale production, and has emerged in the same industry. Its consistent sense of originality is the key to success

how do they cultivate this sense of innovation and originality

Mr. Tang Huiming believes that we should grasp two points: "First, dare to explore new ways and highlight personality. It's right to learn from predecessors' things, and it's even more right to learn from predecessors' successful things, but one thing is that once you fall into another's model framework, things will be bad. As Qi Baishi once said: learn from me and die like me. The so-called originality is to dare to take a new path, have your own unique opinions, and highlight the unique personality of products. Taking a new path requires courage , those who need courage need some rebellious spirit. Only with this spirit can we have the sense of originality. "

"The second point: don't be satisfied, don't be content with the status quo. Innovation is a kind of permanent dissatisfaction. In addition to the large investment in innovation, the important reason is that designers are immersed in the past success, and the achievements they have made have killed their passion for innovation. Our company strictly requires production designers to take these two as standards to provide original gift box packaging for partners."

in addition to the above three kinds of consciousness, there are still many basic skills to do a good job in gift box packaging. Whether wine enterprises or packaging enterprises want to create a successful gift box packaging, they must closely follow the consumption fashion Sandvik engineering machinery and Sandvik venture capital, provide market needs, and be able to buy for consumers, which is the foundation of success

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