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How far is China's solar energy from internationalization?

"the domestic market will never cultivate international brands." Shen Wenming, general manager of Shandong linuoruite company, recently expressed his views on the domestic solar energy industry at the dealer conference in Shanghai, which resonated with many insiders

in recent years, China's solar energy industry has achieved rapid growth in the "home appliances to the countryside", but it has not yet gained its due status and recognition in the international market. Industry experts said that from the perspective of sustainable and healthy development of the industry in the future, solar energy enterprises must go abroad, establish international brands, and promote China from a solar power to a solar power

behind the great power of solar heat utilization

"the development of solar energy enterprises is not simply limited to the improvement of scale and economic benefits. Only with the healthy development of the industry and the improvement of international status as the purpose, can they truly become a century strong enterprise." Shen Wenming said at the 2011 enterprise dealer conference held in Shanghai recently. More than 400 dealers from all over the country and well-known experts in solar thermal utilization at home and abroad felt the pulse for the healthy development of China's solar energy industry at the conference

SHEN Wenming's view may directly point to the weakness of current domestic solar thermal utilization. Relevant data show that foam granulator, an enterprise above the scope of production of waste foam granulator, has become the world's largest producer of solar water heaters, but it lacks internationally renowned brands. Since 2009, driven by favorable policies such as "home appliances to the countryside" of solar energy, the solar energy heat utilization industry has achieved a sales growth of up to 30%. But on the other hand, the disadvantages of domestic solar thermal utilization industry have not been greatly improved. On the whole, the market share of leading enterprises is less than 20%, and the situation of scattered scale and uneven quality is obvious

then where does the error of the measurement results of the testing machine come from? What is more serious is that in the assessment notification of home appliances to the countryside jointly released by the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2010, solar water heater enterprises ranked first in the number of yellow card warnings. Among the 26 warned production enterprises to the countryside, 10 were water heaters, and among the 39 warned circulation enterprises to the countryside, half were water heater enterprises

at the same time, industry experts pointed out that due to insufficient investment in technology research and development, China's solar thermal utilization industry has mainly stayed in the low-end hot water utilization field for many years, and there is still a large gap with the international leading level in core technology, which means that the huge high-end market has not been opened by Chinese enterprises

internationalization is inevitable

"in the five-year plan starting this year, we will make every effort to create a dominant position in the utilization of solar energy, and will take Shanghai as the bridgehead to form an international market pattern centered on Asia and covering the world." Shen Wenming said

at the solar thermal utilization industry summit forum held last year, relevant experts from the National Energy Administration said that now the solar thermal utilization industry in the world is developing rapidly, and there is a very large market space in Europe, Africa and South America. Chinese enterprises should look at the world, go abroad and build a global system

relevant data show that the solar energy heat utilization market is growing rapidly in the world after the equipment has been connected to the power supply line. Taking the United States as an example, the demand for solar energy in the United States increased by 36% in 2009, while the demand for oil increased by only 2% in the same period. From 2013 to 2021, the United States will invest $500million a year to subsidize the "solar house" construction plan. The goal is to build 10million roof solar systems and 200000 solar hot water heating systems in the next 10 years. Therefore, the United States will become an important solar market

some insiders said that from the perspective of the development trend of the global solar thermal utilization industry, internationalization is an inevitable direction. To occupy a leading position in this trend, we must increase technological research and development and rely on product quality and technological content to win. Complacency can only make a profit for a while, but in the future, it will face great pressure from domestic and foreign enterprises led by technology. At present, the domestic solar energy industry must realize the transformation from hot water to heat energy, and gradually narrow the gap with international solar energy technology

the 12th Five year plan brings great opportunities for China's solar energy upgrading

insiders believe that the just launched 12th Five Year Plan will create a rare opportunity for China's solar energy industry to improve as a whole and move towards internationalization

at the 2011 national energy work conference held recently, the relevant person in charge of the national energy administration made it clear when introducing the national energy development ideas during the "12th Five Year Plan" period that the solar energy industry is expected to become China's emerging energy pillar industry in the next five years. In the next stage, the state will continue to promote the use of solar water heaters, steadily start the domestic solar power generation market, strengthen industry planning and access management, and strive to cultivate them into China's advanced equipment manufacturing industry and emerging energy pillar industry. By 2015, China's solar thermal utilization area will reach 400million square meters

Shen Wenming said that in order to promote the improvement of the overall level of China's solar energy industry, it is necessary to adapt the product pattern to international needs, promote the transformation of China's current solar energy thermal utilization products from a single water heater product to a diversified thermal energy product, and increase investment and energy in the field of medium and high temperature thermal utilization such as solar air conditioning and solar energy boilers, so as to tap the deep utilization of the solar energy industry and achieve greater economic and social benefits. He said that at present, the successful development of photothermal medium and high temperature technology has greatly expanded the application field of solar photothermal. Renolit will promote solar boilers to enter the domestic market this year, which is expected to pry nearly trillion yuan of market cake for the whole industry

in addition, some experts said that at present, in addition to the government's increased support, domestic solar energy enterprises should not work behind closed doors. In the face of an increasingly open market, they should increase a variety of cooperation modes, such as the combination of schools and enterprises, to promote the upgrading of the core technology of the solar energy industry. At the same time, we should be good at tracking and introducing the world's advanced solar energy heat utilization technology with the help of external brain, so as to ensure that the excellent and high-yield "international core technology is used by us", so as to improve the level of domestic solar energy heat utilization technology and establish the position of enterprises in the international market

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