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How far is digital printing from us (3)

China's printing industry under the economic crisis

the 2008 global financial tsunami has brought a huge impact to all walks of life, and China's printing industry is no exception. In general, under the pressure of economic factors such as rising costs and exchange rates in all aspects, some small and medium-sized enterprises in developed areas of the printing industry have closed down or closed down. However, after the storm, enterprises will become stronger and stronger, and their investment ability and exploration ability will also be stronger. They will challenge a higher printing level with more standardized management, a more forward-looking business model and environmental protection agreements in line with national regulations. Polylactic acid and starch based plastics will continue to dominate the biodegradable plastic packaging market

it is expected that the investment in the printing industry will tend to be conservative this year and next, and more enterprises will hold the money in their hands, but the result of delaying investment is to win an investment buffer period for enterprises, who can have enough time to study the market, study the future development trend, and invest the money in the most promising and efficient fields

Mr. Wang Bing believes that China's macro economy is optimistic for a long time, and everyone should be full of confidence in China's printing industry in the future. At present, the lifestyle and ideology of Chinese people are not very different from those of developed countries, which lays a good foundation for the development of digital printing. Only with market demand can there be applications, and with applications can there be investment desire in hardware. After a short adjustment, I believe that the printing industry will not miss the great wave of digital printing

Kodak increased research and development to help enterprises tide over difficulties

we see that in addition to the revolutionary stream digital printing technology, Kodak also exhibited a variety of combined solutions that bring more value-added services to enterprises

for flexible digital products for packaging, Mr. Wang proudly told me that a few days ago, they just helped a customer in South China improve the thermoforming processing performance of materials on site to produce 200 line flexographic plates, less than a year later than drupa2008. Mr. Wang believes that the development speed of China's printing industry has basically kept pace with the world, and the progress of China's printing industry is obvious. At present, the development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there is a low ability of independent innovation, and there are few high-grade and personalized special varieties to accelerate. In the future, China's printing market will be bright. In the face of the economic crisis, Mr. Wang Bing proposed to appropriately reduce costs, spend the compressed money on new technology research and development and on customers, and tide over the difficulties with customers

in recent years, Kodak has increased its investment in China. Due to its unique plasticity and elastic quality, Xiamen factory has been fully standardized. Most of the plates in the Asia Pacific region are processed and produced, and Quansheng machines sold in China and even the world have been completely made in Shanghai. The Shanghai R & D center has a R & D team of more than 300 people. Mr. Wang Bing gently introduced to us, From his face, we can see Kodak's maturity, firmness and public interest after experiencing all kinds of ups and downs, and also see the development hope of digital printing in China in the future

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