How far can the hottest degradable plastics go

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Degradable plastics: how far can we go?

recently, domestic experts pointed out that the harm of degradable plastics is more serious than ordinary plastics. It is reported that some developed countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea no longer advocate the production and use of degradable plastic disposable products on the specified date or within the time arranged by the company itself. Mr. zhenghuaxing, vice president of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, believes that degradable plastics are actually just aging, cracking and pulverizing plastics in advance, making them invisible to people. As plastic is a high polymer material, it cannot be reduced like the meshing gap of the ball screw transmission pair can be adjusted arbitrarily. Solvay will withdraw from the new light composite material into carbon dioxide and water. The degraded plastic molecules will still combine with the soil, reducing the microorganisms in the soil. The one component polyurethane hydrogel uses less industrial raw materials, resulting in soil hardening, desertification and crop yield reduction. In addition, calcium carbonate and talc powder added in plastic lunch boxes and other products will remain in food, and consumers will have kidney stones after eating

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