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Under the fierce battle of 6.18, how do e-commerce enterprises deal with security threats

with the approaching of 6.18, the competition between e-commerce platforms is becoming increasingly fierce. At the same time, it also triggered the attack and destruction of the black industry on various e-commerce platforms

network security issues in e-commerce are becoming increasingly prominent

according to Radware research, the e-commerce industry increased by 15% in 2019. Malicious BOT attacks against web applications, mobile applications and APIs have also increased in this vertical industry

Figure 1: 2019 segment based e-commerce traffic analysis

malicious BOT attacks have become common attacks across all applications. In terms of business, application, data and other aspects, all e-commerce platforms, Facing huge security risks:

payment fraud on the checkout page

content capture of the product page (price or product information)

coupon capture

shopping cart abandonment

account takeover (violent cracking and certificate filling for the home page or user login page)

because each interruption will affect revenue, most e-commerce enterprises will invest a lot in application protection. Therefore, there are very many (58%) distributed variant bots in the overall malicious bots activities for this vertical industry. Hackers can use complex bots to circumvent the BOT management technology that relies on data and behavior analysis, but these data and behavior analysis are not enough to correlate different violations

Figure 2: types of malicious bots targeting the e-commerce industry

the attack data of malicious bots on e-commerce stations shows that the complexity of attacks varies. Attacks such as crawling can be executed through simple scripts or headless browser bots. Preemptive inventory and account takeover attacks require advanced functions that can simulate real users

home materials have four obvious characteristics Figure 3: when attacking e-commerce stations, the resumption of malicious bots affects the level of their use and implementation.

therefore, getting rid of the lagging, single and ineffective network security defense strategy and creating a network security solution that can resist malicious bots in real time has become the key to the e-commerce industry

help e-commerce deal with security and have a certain mosquito repellent effect. The BOT manager security solution under Radware can provide comprehensive protection for web applications, mobile applications and APIs from the attack of various generations of malicious bots targeted at applications and systems

relying on the unique behavior analysis and detection technology, BOT manager can determine the intention behind the attack through two detection methods: behavior based detection and rate based detection, and accurately distinguish real users, benign robots and bad robots, including complex fourth generation robots. Achieve higher security and fewer false positives, and relieve the pressure of protection in real time

capable of handling BOT traffic in a variety of ways

transparent reporting and comprehensive analysis

no DNS redirection

accuracy and scalability

Figure 4: Radware BOT manager diagram

in a complex interconnected environment, Radware's comprehensive solution can not only provide enterprise customers with protection guarantees such as load balancing maintenance, business encryption and decryption, and application delivery security for e-commerce enterprises, At the same time, it can also provide monitoring and protection against malicious robot attacks and spyware, anti malware (anti spyware protection), web application firewall (WAF) and DDoS attack mitigation measures, and further help e-commerce customers reduce the risk of attack and build a strong protective barrier by relying on the coordinated deployment and protection of local and cloud

Radware case appreciation: strengthen customer application security

Radware introduces API protection measures that can detect and defend against complex malicious bots

Radware's new integrated application delivery and protection provides comprehensive and advanced application security and availability

the shopping season is coming, Radware helps Alza, a leading retailer in Europe, prevent BOT attacks

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