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How far is China's construction machinery from world-class enterprises

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, April 24 (Chang Zhipeng, Wang Yongxia) since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of China's economy, the construction machinery industry has developed and expanded rapidly. China has become a major producer of construction machinery industry

however, due to the influence of enterprise scale, internationalization, especially key core technologies, China is not a strong country in the construction machinery industry

build a world-class construction machinery aircraft carrier

information from the China Construction Machinery Association shows that by 2007, there were more than 2000 construction machinery production enterprises and scientific research institutions across the country; The net value of fixed assets of the whole industry is more than 27 billion yuan, 16 times that of 1978, and the annual sales of products is more than 220 billion yuan, 122 times that of 1978. In the national machinery industry, its scale is second only to automotive, electrical and electrical, petrochemical and general-purpose industries, ranking fourth

"however, the sales of caterpillar, the world's construction machinery giant, has exceeded US $40billion in 2006. That is to say, the total number of construction machinery manufacturers in China is not comparable to that of caterpillar." Said Changjiang Lin, deputy secretary of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

it is learned that even Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, the largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China, has sales of only about 7% of caterpillar in the United States and about 13.5% of Komatsu in Japan

"in terms of business scale, the low concentration of China's construction machinery industry is very serious. At present, there are more than 100 forklift enterprises in China alone." In theory, flax fiber plastic film, director of the comprehensive Department of China Construction Machinery Association and senior engineer, can be guided, heated and pressed continuously, said Wang Jinxing. However, after years of development, China has a foundation for building an aircraft carrier for construction machinery

according to fengbaoshan, market development department of China Machinery Industry Federation, after years of development, China's construction machinery industry has formed some industrial bases divided by regions, such as Hunan Construction Machinery represented by Zoomlion, Sany and Shanhe intelligent; Jiangsu base represented by XCMG, Changlin and Zhenjiang; Guangxi construction machinery represented by Guangxi Liugong, Yuchai and Liu Jian; Anhui construction machinery represented by Heli forklift, Xingma and Jianghuai; Shandong construction machinery base represented by Shantui and Shangong

Professor Zhang Guoguo of Peking University believes that the enterprise portfolio in the regional base is often an important basis for achieving regional brands

reorganization and merger will provide a convenient way for the growth of large enterprises. Yu Ju, Deputy Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Association, believes that in terms of the varieties of construction machinery products, reorganization and merger are mainly two ways: product complementarity and the merger of similar products, such as the combination of enterprises with lifting machinery as the leading product, enterprises with earth moving machinery as the main industry, or the merger and reorganization of enterprises producing cranes and enterprises in related production fields. In addition, in the cooperation between production enterprises and sales enterprises, production enterprises and scientific research institutes, the former kind of reorganization can expand the width of the product chain, while the latter kind extends the length of the production line

it is understood that Zoomlion has successively acquired British baolujie, Hunan Machine Tool Plant and Puyuan group, which has promoted the improvement of industrial technology level with large-scale development, and has embarked on a low-cost expansion road

Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. 4. The report format can also adhere to mergers and acquisitions according to user requirements. In 1996, he received anqing axle factory, and in 1997, he merged Bengbu hydraulic machinery factory and Baoji forklift No. 4 factory, renamed Baoji Heli forklift factory. Yang Anguo, general manager of Anhui Heli, said that after years of development, the three merged factories have become the steering bridge production base, oil cylinder production base and northwest manufacturing base of Heli forklift after seven years of University. In 2007, Anhui Heli acquired some effective assets of Hengyang liermei Co., Ltd. and invested in the construction of Heli industrial vehicle South (Hengyang) production base. At present, Anhui Heli has become one of the top ten enterprises in the forklift industry in the world

internationalization is the only way for brand growth

cultivate world-class brands. Since the beginning of reform and opening up, China's construction machinery industry has begun to explore

most of the backbone enterprises of China's construction machinery have the experience of joint venture and cooperation with foreign enterprises. XCMG has successively established joint ventures with more than ten foreign-funded enterprises, including caterpillar in excavator, Liebherr in concrete machinery and crane, and Kawasaki in loader; Liugong has had joint venture cooperation with caterpillar in loader and case in excavator loader; Shantui and Komatsu have had joint ventures and cooperation in bulldozers and excavators; Sany Heavy Industry has also cooperated with Deere (Sales) and others

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd., analyzed that in those cooperation with foreign enterprises, most enterprises have achieved the expected purpose. Most of the products of these joint ventures are also sold to the international market

Xie Ailan, President of China international famous brand association, once said that the degree of internationalization of enterprises depends not only on the proportion of overseas market sales of enterprises in their total sales, but also on the number of transnational talents owned by enterprises, whether there are international enterprise management methods, etc

at the production site of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., I saw that this was regarded as an example of Liugong's "talent internationalization" by the outside world: David Guan Tongbao, the vice president of Liugong's "foreigner", was explaining some specific work to the people around him. The vice president of Liugong comes from a famous foreign construction machinery enterprise, and he has played an important role in Liugong's production and operation. It is also in Liugong that the goal is to build an "open and international Liugong" and introduce a management system with quality management as the main line - Six Sigma. Zeng Guang'an, President of Liugong Co., Ltd., said that Liugong was facing serious challenges at that time. To fundamentally improve its competitiveness, it needed a management system that addressed both symptoms and root causes, was highly operational, and was based on data for decision-making. Referring to six sigma, Zhou Yisheng, director of the Party Committee Work Department of Liugong, said that the "flaming Six Sigma" has indeed brought great benefits to Liugong in the past few years

in addition, in the interview, we learned that the formulation of investment guidelines for technological transformation of key industries shows that ancha group, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry and other enterprises have started localized production in foreign markets. Localized talents have accounted for a certain proportion of their respective overseas companies

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