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Jiangjin equipment manufacturing adds a new force to the Sany Heavy Industry project completed and put into operation

Jiangjin equipment manufacturing adds a new force to the Sany Heavy Industry project completed and put into operation

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People's Chongqing on August 22 adopted typical materials used in the automotive industry (mainly PA fatigue testing machine frequency knowledge family materials) on the 20th, a message came from Degan Industrial Park, Jiangjin District, Chongqing. Sany Guojie Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry, a world's top 500 enterprise, was completed and put into operation. The project integrates the remanufacture, sales, after-sale service and maintenance, leasing, asset management, and industry talent training of construction machinery, with an estimated annual sales revenue of more than 1.5 billion yuan. At present, Jiangjin Degan Industrial Park 11 families have been gathered. At this time, the dynamometer has not contacted the top 500 enterprises in the pressing plate industry

it is reported that the project is invested and constructed by SANY group, a world top 500 enterprise, and integrates the remanufacture of Sany excavators, loaders and other construction machinery, host sales, after-sales service and maintenance, leasing, asset management, and industry talent training. Sany Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is one of the leading enterprises in the global equipment manufacturing industry, and was shortlisted in the FT global market capitalization 500 in July 2011. At present, the group's business has covered more than 120 countries and regions around the world

the project completed and put into operation this time covers an area of 86 mu, with a total investment of 300 million yuan. The construction area of phase I is more than 12000 square meters, including 6500 square meters of R & D building (including exhibition hall), 1800 square meters of accessories warehouse, and 4100 square meters of overhaul workshop. After the completion of the project, the former Chongqing Guojie, Guotong and Xianghui companies will move in as a whole, and will become the marketing center, after-sales service center, old and new machine rental center, second trade center, overhaul center, and accessory production and remanufacturing center of Sany series of construction machinery products in Chongqing and Southern Sichuan. The project is responsible for the after-sales and maintenance of Sany construction machinery in Chongqing and seven regions in southern Sichuan. It has seven branches in the main city of Chongqing, suburban areas, Fuqian, Wanzhou, Luzhou, Yibin and Lemei in Sichuan, and more than 30 service points. It is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of more than 1.5 billion yuan and an annual tax of more than 20million yuan

"the unique transportation advantages and industrial agglomeration advantages of Jiangjin district are important factors for us to finally settle here." The person in charge of Sany Guojie company said that Jiangjin District, located in the new urban development zone, is one of the main battlefields of industrialization and urbanization in Chongqing, and the industrial economic development is in the forefront of the city. As one of the main carriers of Jiangjin industrial development, Degan Industrial Park is close to the main city and has obvious comprehensive transportation advantages in waterway, highway and railway. Moreover, the park is the national demonstration base of new industrialized equipment manufacturing industry and the national industrialization base of high-tech green equipment manufacturing. With a high degree of industrial agglomeration and perfect industrial chain, it is a "geomantic treasure land" for enterprise development

it is reported that the equipment manufacturing industry is the key industry of Jiangjin industry and the primary industry of Degan Industrial Park. At present, among the 11 world's top 500 enterprises settled in the park, 7 are equipment manufacturing enterprises such as CSIC, abb of Switzerland and AVIC, as well as a large number of well-known enterprises such as Chongqing Weichai, Jiangdian power and Chongqing Yanlian. Through market-oriented and professional outsourcing and socialized cooperation, a clear and complete production system with professional division of labor has been formed from research and development to design, from casting and forging to finishing, from surface treatment to final assembly. In 2015, the total industrial output value of Degan Industrial Park has reached 45.5 billion yuan

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