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Dajianggong replaces the imported 55 ton off-road tire crane bridge switch

dajianggong replaces the imported 55 ton off-road tire crane bridge switch

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recently, the 55 ton off-road tire crane bridge independently developed by Dajiang industry company to replace the high-end import has been affirmed by the host plant for its superior performance and cost performance, successfully breaking the monopoly pattern of foreign products and smoothly switching to achieve mass supply

the off-road tire crane is a kind of crane that installs the crane after lifting but must be completed on a specially designed 20 track disc with a bottom composed of heavy tires and axles crossed vertically on the surface of the sample. It evolved from the crawler crane and is a kind of tire crane with expanded performance, strong and flexible. The main features are: the cab and the lifting control room are combined into one, and the crawler and the walking support of the walking mechanism are changed into a chassis with tires, which overcomes the shortcomings of the damage caused by the crawler shoes of the crawler crane to the road surface. The traveling speed is also faster than that of the crawler crane, and the operation is stable, the lifting weight is large, and the crane can walk in a specific range (the plastic cover has been used for the model range of 5~150t exported to the United States by the lifting "Volvo" in 1985), It is a mainstream product in the United States because of its complex structure and expensive price. At present, domestic large tire crane companies generally adopt high-end imported axles from international industry leading enterprises such as the United States and Germany. The import bridge has practical problems such as high price, long supply cycle and difficult after-sales service, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the main engine plant. Dajiang axle company quickly processed an inspection rod, increased research and development, and developed a 55 ton off-road tire crane bridge with excellent performance, strong bearing capacity, high braking efficiency and good off-road performance to replace the high-end imported axle

the company focuses on the field of special differentiation, brand specialization and market segmentation, takes the first brand of China's special axle as the development basis, launches the "Blue Ocean Strategy", takes the product and market as the dual core drive, avoids absolute competition, surpasses existing competitors, finds another way, creates a brand-new product market, creates high-end leading and key spanning R & D and design system capabilities, and leads the development of the special axle industry. It took two years from market research, product research and development, process design, production improvement to the success of trial production. The bridge passed the national half axle static torsional strength, vertical bending stiffness of axle housing, vertical bending of axle housing, fatigue life of drive axle assembly gear and other tests, as well as the 5000 km vehicle road test. This product adopts internationally advanced hydraulic caliper disc brake, and its braking performance is three times that of domestic common heavy axle; Its bearing capacity and dynamic performance of transmission system are 2 ~ 4 times that of domestic common heavy axle; The product adopts full drive and full steering design, with good trafficability and strong off-road ability, and its performance indicators have reached the international advanced level

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