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The application practice of zqb-iii flower cleaning frequency conversion self leveling instrument

the flower cleaning equipment of our company are all "a" type old equipment, and the quality of cotton rolls produced is unstable, and the positive roll rate and unevenness rate are poor, which affects the quality of semi-finished products and finished products in the subsequent process. It is unrealistic to invest too much in updating a large number of equipment. Therefore, we decided to install the self leveling instrument. Because we have installed the pressure regulating self leveling instrument before, the motor often breaks down and the quality is unstable, so we are particularly careful in model selection. After many investigations and demonstrations, we decided to choose the zqb-iii variable frequency flower self leveling instrument of Wuxi Hengjiu electric appliance company. We installed two sets in October of 1999, and the effect is very good after testing. In February of 2000, we installed four sets, and the effect is also very good

l. Advantages of Qinghua variable frequency autoleveller:

1.1 compared with the voltage regulating autoleveller, the variable frequency autoleveller has the characteristics of low temperature rise of the motor, and can make the motor run at low speed for a long time without burning out. Because the Japanese Toshiba frequency converter operates safely, stably, reliably, with a wide range of changes, the speed ratio of l:800 has a fast response speed, has vector compensation function, and has complete protection functions, such as overload heating, undervoltage Short circuit, power failure, etc

1.2 using this leveler, the transmission mechanism is greatly simplified, and 25t bakelite wheel, direction shaft, iron gun, lever, worm gear, worm, etc. are omitted. It reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs

l.3 the leveller is easy to use and operate. The unevenness is controlled by the leveler adjustment knob, and the positive roll rate is adjusted by the weight adjustment knob. It also has the jog and reverse function, which is convenient for cotton to return automatically after traffic jam, reducing workers' labor intensity and saving time. This advantage is also reflected in the simple and fast variety transformation. By adjusting the weight and adjusting the knob, the positive roll can be produced within three cotton rolls. 2. Influence of variable frequency self leveller on quality:

2.1 we first install and use 8 groups of processes in the cleaning process, and the 8 groups of processes are as follows:

a002c cotton grabber x2 → metal detector → a035b cotton mixer → a035b cotton mixer → a036b Porcupine cotton opener → sfal02 single axial flow cotton opener → 062 electrical cotton distributor → a092a cotton box feeder x2 → a076c single dozen hand cotton cleaner x2

2.2 experimental comparison:

we compared 45s 60s pure cotton wrap head and wrap tail rolls are tested

2.2.1 install the 45s cotton roll. Three days before self leveling, test 16 #, 17 # one-way in the morning and afternoon respectively. Similarly, test three days after installation, and test after three months of operation. The test results are as follows:

2.2.4 we track and test the positive roll rate, which can reach more than 99%, and the operation level of the lathe operator on duty has little impact on the quality. Skilled workers often don't roll back (our control range is 50 grams of soil)

2.2.5 track and test warp, yarn forming and weight unevenness, from the original 4.26% to 2.05%

3.1 the initial setting of the weight knob of the leveller should generally be within the range. When the positive roll cannot be adjusted between these, it should be solved by adjusting the opening of the V-shaped curtain, the speed of the cotton roll roller or replacing the sprocket

3.2 the leveling value setting of the leveller should be careful and careful. When adjusting, it should be noted that the whole process should operate under normal conditions. The cotton box of the cotton grabber should be in the middle position to take into account the changes in the cotton density of the upper and lower layers of the cotton box. After the leveling is adjusted, it should not move around. Only when the product changes and the current paper enterprises still mainly use high prices, when the stock pulp of the measurement system has a low profit, and the cotton composition or process energy changes greatly, The adjustment shall be carried out by a specially assigned person

3.3 the self leveling instrument is a micro adjustment. Pay attention to make the cotton storage capacity of the cotton box of each machine stable, and the mercury switch operates normally, so as to ensure that the cotton feeding of the balance roller is uniform and normal (the cotton feeding volume is as sufficient as possible)

3.4 the cotton setting of the dust cage should be uniform, and the function of the unripe mechanism should be good, so as to ensure that the self leveling instrument plays a better role

3.5 the positive and negative display on the leveler should try to control the development mode of the innovation park between soil 5, so that the unevenness of the cotton roll can be controlled below 0.7

3.6 pay attention to protect and maintain the leveller

improvement measures: the Yangqin hammer should be equipped with a fixing device to prevent the lathe operator from changing the position of the sensor when cleaning

4. Conclusion:

through the installation and use of six sets of self leveling instruments, we are full of confidence in zqb- Ⅲ leveling instruments. We are ready to install all 21 one-way leveling instruments in our company, and ensure the first pass of product quality, so as to improve the product quality of our company to a new level

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