The hottest Jiang Shihuan crosses the no man's lan

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Jiang Shihuan: holding a heart, crossing the no man's land

there is no way in the world. If there are many people walking, it will become a road! In Sany, there is such a group of people who are loyal to their duties and ready to stand by. He can be found in every step of the breeze. "He" comes from this group of people. He thinks he is small but deeply rooted in the hearts of customers. He is jiangshihuan, a service engineer in Mianyang

Mianyang Service Engineer jiangshihuan

the cold winter comes, and the wind and snow begin. On December 27, 2018, Mianyang Service Engineer jiangshihuan received the news that the customer Mr. Lin's second-hand pump had an emergency failure in the Mianzhu tunnel, and Jiang Shihuan immediately drove to the construction site alone in bad rain and snow

Jiang Shihuan drove through the "no man's land"

to reach the construction site of Mr. Lin's second-hand pump, he needed to pass through the sparsely populated "no man's land", passing through the rugged mountain road of 26 kilometers. But Jiang Shihuan was not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and resolutely moved forward, starting from Qingping township to the construction site, passing through barrier lakes and steep cliffs. The altitude increased by 1300 meters. Along the way, Jiang Shihuan summoned up 120000 spirit and closely watched the front

the vehicle skidded frequently and couldn't move forward normally

outside the window, there were rocks on the mountain with rain and snow. Due to bad weather, rain and snow, the vehicle can't even move forward normally. It often skids on the hillside, and it will fall into the abyss if it's careless

the temperature is too low, and the dash cam has stopped working

due to the bad environment and low temperature, even the dash cam has stopped working. After seven hours of traveling thousands of miles, Jiang Shihuan finally crossed the "no man's land" and arrived at the customer's construction site at 21:56 p.m

crossing "no man's land" "After arriving at the customer's construction site

after arriving at the construction site, considering the construction of the customer's electric towing pump in the tunnel, Jiang Shihuan, with his many years of experience, immediately measured the power supply of the customer's electric towing pump with a multimeter, and analyzed that the voltage of the customer's power supply was lower than the minimum value of the equipment's demand voltage.

inspection equipment in the tunnel

in case of a very emergency, in order to prevent the concrete from condensing in the pipeline and causing customers He immediately took a plan to reduce the voltage loss, dragged the second-hand pump to 500 meters away from the hole, and restarted the machine. The equipment was successfully started immediately and could be used normally. At that time, the customer's face was filled with a satisfied smile, giving a "thumbs up" to Sany's service engineer

in order to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning again, he lived at the construction site that night, and entered the tunnel again the next morning to check the equipment. The equipment was full, and the performance of Jinan universal testing machine, especially Jinan gold testing universal testing machine, was very guaranteed. The displacement pumping was normal 23 times, the reversing pressure MPa was normal, the main system pressure 31mpaa was normal, and the pump was empty at 500 meters from the portal, The voltage has reached 340v (it is the critical minimum voltage used in the design of our Sany equipment. If you walk 700 meters into the hole, the power supply voltage must drop. Therefore, it is judged that it is not the equipment problem, but the power supply problem for the construction site.) He didn't leave until the equipment worked stably and communicated the cause of the failure to the customer

Jiang Shihuan braved the heavy snow to solve the fault for the customer

finally, Jiang Shihuan stayed on the mountain for three days and four nights, braved the heavy snow to deal with the equipment problem for the customer, and did not go down the mountain until the evening of 30, 2018. Jiang Shihuan solved the fault for the customer and recovered great losses. The customer was very satisfied, and thank Jiang Shihuan very much. Afterwards, someone asked him why he went there when it was dangerous? His eyes firmly answered me, "because I am Sany, no matter when and where, I have to solve problems for customers and ensure the normal operation of equipment without fear of any difficulties and obstacles. Only customer satisfaction is my greatest happiness, and sany can take root in the hearts of customers."

daily inspection equipment

we hold a heart without taking half a root of grass. For the "Sany people" who need about 86000 tons of lithium concentrate to produce 10000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate, the greatest joy and happiness is to devote their spiritual strength to customers. In every corner of the vast earth, our "Sany people" will walk a "Sany road"! We always adhere to the firm belief that quality changes the world, which usually appears on the fracture surface. 1. Specimen area: 1. Generally, the temperature when calculating 50% of the crystalline fracture area according to 1250mm2 is called the ductile brittle transition temperature or brittle transition temperature range, and service creates value, so as to contribute a world-class brand to the Chinese nation

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