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Jiahui international hospital and Zhuqiao primary school donated hearing aids to hearing impaired people in Tibet. Dr. Chen Dongye of Jiahui International Hospital tested hearing aids for hearing impaired children in the people's Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region

Jiahui international hospital and Zhuqiao primary school donated hearing aids to hearing impaired people in the Tibet Autonomous Region

China news service, Shanghai, January 3 - "you don't have to talk so close, he can hear it now". When the son was trying to gather together so that he should not react to the force reading received by the sample to speak loudly in the ears of the elderly with severe hearing loss, barrow, director of the people's Hospital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, smiled and said

"he can hear it, and he can live like a normal person in the near future, so the distance between the markings is also different!", When a child with congenital deafness first told his parents that he heard the sound, the parents beside him were excited

It was learned on the 3rd that on the eve of the new year, Jiahui International Hospital, the first comprehensive international hospital in Shanghai, joined hands with Zhuqiao experimental primary school. Led by Jiahui otolaryngologist Chen Dongye, they went to the people's Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region to complete hearing tests and hearing aid fitting for four poor patients with moderate to severe hearing impairment, so that they could regain their hearing

at present, there are more than 27.8 million people with hearing impairment in China, including 800000 children under the age of 7, with an annual growth rate of 30000. Children with hearing impairment and disability will bring multiple difficulties in the process of growth: the inability to hear clearly will lead to language learning disabilities, and the opportunities to communicate are less than ordinary people, which will affect the quality of life and even make their personality become irritable, suspicious and lonely, affecting their mental outlook and character formation

the fitting cost of hearing aids is about 15000 to 20000 yuan each. Due to economic conditions, many families cannot afford the treatment and equipment costs of children, which makes children with hearing impairment miss the opportunity for European car manufacturers to recover while actively adopting new materials. Similarly, many poor old people with hearing impairment also choose to spend their old age in a silent world because they are unwilling to increase the burden on their children. In fact, from the perspective of hearing impaired children alone, there is a recoverable proportion of up to 90%. If hearing impaired children can be diagnosed in time, and after scientific hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation training, they can return to the same sound, healthy, confident and happy life as normal children

excluding medical technology and services, all the money for hearing aids used in this donation came from Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, Zhuqiao Experimental Primary School and the social families they have served. In order to ensure the follow-up rehabilitation training of the assisted patients, these caring institutions and families also specially prepared enough batteries for them to cover the full service life of the hearing aids

Chen Dong of Jiahui International Hospital launched the development of new material technology and utilization technology. Dr. ye said, "in order to thank people from all walks of life for their help in the growth of Jiahui International Hospital, in the future, we will gradually carry out more charity projects based on medical technology and services to give back to the society and build the beauty of life together."

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