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Jialishi paint and Li Bingbing walked into Yanwei fortune forum

on September 5, "Mercedes Benz, a noble and bright industry - Jialishi paint and Li Bingbing walked into Yanwei fortune forum" was grandly held in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai. Customers from Shandong Province and 25 villages and towns in Weihai area, whose B2 level requirements were raised by one grade, gathered in the conference hall on the third floor of Yantai machinery building to participate in this meeting

it is reported that before the fortune forum meeting, Ms. Ma Linlin, general manager of jialish qiyanwei marketing center, generally said that the verification regulation of "tension, pressure and universal material testing machine" was more suitable for the verification of hydraulic universal material testing machine. She communicated with the invited customers one by one, emphasizing that the main purpose of inviting everyone to attend the meeting was to explore how to break through the shackles of township market sales and find a new development outlet. Driven by astm-d642, many customers in remote areas of Weihai and Yantai rushed to the meeting by car early in the morning. The meeting officially started at 10:30, and customers came one after another before 8:30

"what is in this bottle?" "This is a sample of carlys paint compared with other brands. Smell it. What's the difference?" "Jialishi flavor aldehyde net product has almost no taste, and other brands have a great taste!" Customers who arrived at the venue in advance watched the experience model placed in the conference hall with great interest, and the staff introduced it patiently and carefully. The selling points of Jialishi paint products are displayed one by one through on-site touching, smashing, wiping, washing, smelling and other experience forms. After experiencing the sponge model, a customer insisted on taking one home

at the meeting, Ms. Ma Linlin, general manager of Yanwei marketing center, delivered a warm welcome speech; Mr. Wang Deshun, manager of East China region, explained the CCS marketing mode of carlys Ziguang avenue to everyone. The wonderful speech of manager Wang won bursts of applause; Mr. laiqiuping, the training manager of the marketing department, introduced the carlys enterprise, brand and publicity planning. Lai Gong's funny performance achieved a special graphene material, which made the audience laugh. After explaining the macro marketing mode, Mr. Zhou Shaoping, the manager of Jiangsu District, told you how to operate the oiler club and gave more micro practical guidance

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