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On November 26th, 2009, three years after Jialishi put forward the enterprise concept of "energy conservation and emission reduction", the long-awaited specific indicators of China's "carbon emission intensity" were announced ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

On behalf of the Chinese government, Premier Wen Jiabao solemnly promised the world China's emission reduction target by 2020,

1. Carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP decreased by 40% to 45% compared with 2005

2. Non fossil energy accounts for about 15% of primary energy consumption

3. The forest area increased by 40million hectares compared with 2005, and the forest volume increased by 1.3 billion cubic meters compared with 2005

the emission reduction target of 40% to 45% mentioned in the first goal is much higher than the "17% emission reduction commitment" put forward by the White House the previous day, which fully reflects the determination of the Chinese government to protect resources and environment, achieve sustainable development, and its friendly will to cooperate with the international community to deal with climate issues

under the sharp deterioration of the world's climate and environmental resources, as China's most socially sensitive coating enterprise, carlys actively responded to the call and actively promised Premier Wen that it would contribute to emission reduction with practical actions and become the first coating enterprise in China to actively make emission reduction commitments for safety

it is understood that Zhang Wenhui, general manager of carlys, has incorporated energy conservation and emission reduction into the important development goals of the enterprise, and is vigorously planning a series of "low-carbon actions", striving to reduce the carbon emissions of the enterprise by 10% in 2010, realize the development of the enterprise growth mode towards high-speed and low-carbon, and lead the coating industry towards environmental protection

Jialishi actively promotes various emission reduction measures, and has received the strong support of Miss Li Bingbing, the image spokesman of Jialishi. In 2010, Jialishi will work together with Li Bingbing to carry out a series of environmental protection activities, jointly promote "low carbon life", and call on more enterprises and consumers to join Jialishi's "low carbon action"

1. In 2010, carlys will join hands with the latest Golden Horse Film queen Li Bingbing to advocate a low-carbon life and plant 140 mu of trees to offset the carbon dioxide that must be emitted by enterprises in the production process

2. Waste and extravagance are the biggest obstacles to energy conservation and emission reduction. In contrast, Jialishi officially wrote a series of energy conservation and emission reduction measures and requirements into the enterprise's management manual as the daily behavior standard of Jialishi people

3. Jialishi will invest more funds in the technical field for the research and development of energy-saving and emission reducing coating products. In 2010, Jialishi will launch two low-carbon and energy-saving products

4. Low carbon action starts with me. Carlys will accurately calculate the annual carbon emissions of each employee, but it still needs a lot of research. It requires employees to reduce their personal carbon emissions while increasing their performance, and reach the target of reducing per capita carbon emissions by 10% in 2010

as the leader of China's public welfare undertakings, Miss Li Bingbing expressed great appreciation for the outstanding performance of jialish in the field of coatings, and fully affirmed that jialish is a highly committed enterprise. In the "million forests" global public welfare project initiated by Miss Li Bingbing, Miss Li Bingbing believes that the cooperation with carlys will play an incomparable role in enhancing the awareness of the whole society to cope with climate change and accelerating the formation of a low-carbon and green lifestyle and consumption mode. Let's join hands with Jialishi and Li Bingbing to promise Premier Wen that we will take practical actions to contribute to emission reduction

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