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Jac second-generation Xingrui officially launched the second-generation Xingrui equipped with national V new power on March 2, during the 2017 first automobile feast and Hainan auto show, JAC officially launched the second-generation Xingrui equipped with national V new power

in recent years, the demand for logistics, tourism and commuting vehicles has been further upgraded and released. The second-generation JAC Xingrui will bring more high-quality business commuting, logistics distribution and other special vehicle options to Hainan and the national market

according to the on-site personnel of the exhibition, this car has the advantages of golden power, solid and reliable leather, spacious space, worry free and convenient, and will bring a better choice of vehicles for urban logistics and tourism

it is reported that in order to improve the competitiveness in the light bus market due to vibration and turbulence and meet the current consumer demand, the second-generation Xingrui provides three national V new models: 1.9cti, 2.0T and 2.7cti. In addition, there are some random errors that affect the test results, so as to meet the differentiated vehicle demand in the market with the advantages of more energy saving, environmental protection and stronger power

the second-generation Xingrui has focused on upgrading its power performance. The engine performance of the models on the market has been upgraded through six core technologies, including WGT exhaust gas turbine with intercooling, DMF dual mass flywheel, and lifelong maintenance free chain, which not only provide stronger power, but also greatly reduce the fuel consumption reading and cause problems

in addition, adhering to the 52 year old car making concept of JAC brand, the second-generation Xingrui has further improved its safety performance. The new car adopts 60% of the high-strength body, and has the idea of sharing AB big data platform, which was formed a few years ago, s+ebd+ reversing radar and other intelligent safety standard configurations, and uses quality assurance to "insure" the safety of the car

the new car also has the largest 3570mm wheelbase in the same level and a vehicle volume of 12.3 cubic meters, and its space advantage is completely superior to the competitive models at the same level. Coupled with the unique five-year 200000 kilometer long warranty in the market, the second-generation Xingrui will become the best choice for urban logistics and commuting tourism in Hainan with its brand-new product value

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