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In order to comply with market development and consumers' lifestyle, Opel ceiling comprehensively promotes the upgrading of terminal image -- Opel's sixth generation flagship store is about to be perfectly launched

in recent years, "new retail" has surged. With the rise of "new retail", home marketing has changed greatly, among which the innovation of terminal stores is the most expected, and it has become a trend to pay attention to consumers' lifestyle and experience. The "experience + service" mode will grab more traffic and enhance the stickiness of end consumers

for a long time, Opel insists on making products with temperature, enterprises with tolerance and brands with attitude. If products are full of warmth, terminal stores must be used to convey warmth. In order to comply with market development and consumers' lifestyle, Opel comprehensively promotes the upgrading of terminal image -- Opel's sixth generation flagship store is about to be perfectly launched

strengthening the terminal consumption experience and enhancing interaction through experience are the design orientation of the sixth generation terminal image of Opel, breaking the traditional business impression, lighting up the design with the highly brand personalized "Opel orange", creating multiple experience spaces in line with product characteristics, restoring the most real enjoyment of human life, and creating a brand-new terminal image with "home" warmth

define temperature with color

now the young generation of post-80s and 90s has become the main consumer. The young generation of consumers pay more attention to brand personality, store image, color matching, consumption experience and so on. "Opel orange" symbolizes brightness, joy, warmth and courage. It is lively, energetic, friendly, kind and ideal to express the temperament of Opel brand. At the same time, it meets the needs of the post-90s to pursue personality and the post-80s to pursue quality

strengthen the brand with temperature

the sixth generation flagship store of Opel empowers the terminal with outstanding language performance, and creates a strong image recognition through space planning, lighting system, color scheme, soft decoration accessories, cultural display, material application, product production and other aspects

"younger" consumer groups gradually occupy the consumer market, and people's concept of life has changed, "independent cheerfulness, youth health school, lazy lifestyle, online celebrity max, mainstream cat and dog smoking", etc Everyone is looking for a more suitable lifestyle, and youth is no longer limited by age

the sixth generation terminal image of Opel cuts into young people's pursuit of fashion and personality, creates a new terminal image with a clear sense of belonging, participation and product proposition, and makes the brand younger

empowering terminal, creating experience marketing system

Opel's sixth generation flagship store is not only as simple as high appearance, but also contains more dry goods

guided by strengthening the terminal consumption experience, the new terminal stores have systematically planned the layout of consumption dynamics and scene spaces; Online drainage, offline transformation, multi-channel cooperation, through iPad and smart screen, window scene, live experience room, experience cabinet, etc

standardized output, reduce terminal operating costs

the new Opel flagship store establishes unified standards and specifications, standardized output from space planning, material selection and application, soft decoration matching, hard decoration construction, lighting and other aspects, unifies the national terminal image, and reduces terminal operating costs

si modular module - Design reception system

the negotiation room takes simplicity and comfort as the main design tone, and orange embellishes warmth, which can not only eliminate the sense of distance, make consumers feel like they are in their own home, make communication more casual, and let terminals better understand the actual needs of customers

si modular plate - experience system

kitchen and bathroom space experience

dining room, living room, study top wall integrated space experience

Si modular plate - display system

standardized and standardized display system makes the product placement orderly, and good visual impact can stimulate consumption more

the image of Opel's sixth generation Si terminal will soon be launched on major terminals across the country. Please look forward to it





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