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Speaking of Morandi color, what you see is hazy, quiet and beautiful. What about a "Morandi" home

Aurora impression

glaciers collide with the extreme softness of the aurora

the polar scenery of northern Europe is fascinating

the "gentle" color like the aurora

must also have your expectations for home

speaking of Morandi color, what you see is hazy, quiet and beautiful. What about a "Morandi" home

Please grant me two minutes, and I shall prepare two gifts of tenderness, one for you and one for the world.

give me two minutes, and I will give you and the world a tenderness

Morandi style home

living room

geometrically spliced door panel/simple and straightforward

Classic collision of wood color and white

steady ash with a little smoke powder

sunlight spills all over the room through the window/just right

years are quiet, so much so


practical and fashionable decorative wall cabinets match with simple and generous storage side cabinets, which complement each other

open kitchen

clean white, gentle powder, stable ash, combined with natural marble, reconcile a fashionable space with a modern and simple atmosphere


practical and ornamental porch shoe cabinet


elegant and exquisite, the design is extremely simple, and the storage function is met as much as possible with the least space. The corner cabinet is divided into two colors, clean and neat, like summer sweet ice cream. The integrated wardrobe, which integrates storage and display, has clear layers and prominent functions between "disconnection and separation"

multifunctional tatami

whether it's a quiet reading of a book, a pot of tea with three or five friends, or a casual stay with friends, this is both a taste style and a practical space





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