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The bathroom area is a little small. How can this small space be dressed up as an orderly, clean and bright Xintiandi? In fact, as long as it is carefully designed and cleverly chosen, a small bathroom can also meet daily functions and increase the comfort of life

the area of small toilet decoration is usually 1— About 5 square meters, the space is relatively cramped. This requires an overall consideration of the overall layout of the bathroom. Usually, through the reasonable layout of various bathroom facilities, the scientific arrangement of light and lighting, the reasonable storage of bathroom items and the clever collocation of ornaments, the toilet structure can be more compact, and the originally narrow space can be expanded and extended from the visual effect

maximize space

for small toilets, the most important thing is to expand the limited space and eliminate people's sense of space oppression. So the layout of space is very important. If the door of the bathroom is an internal door, you can consider changing the door into an external door. In this way, you can leave the space next to the door for other purposes, and the space will also appear relatively spacious. In short, we should fully explore every inch of space as much as possible, combine idle space as much as possible, and improve the utilization of space. For example, you can set a mirror on the appearance of the cabinet, which can not only play a decorative role, but also make the space appear more bright and spacious. If you use the space at the lower part of the table basin and set up a storage place, you can increase the storage function of the bathroom. For the bathroom with narrow and long shape, both ends should be used as much as possible to shorten the aisle




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