The rapid rise of the hottest plastics will be eno

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The rapid rise of plastics will be enough resistance to demand

on Friday, domestic PE as a whole was stable and small. The overnight rise in oil prices drove futures to jump open higher, but the spot performance was flat, and the downstream demand performance was relatively weak. The factory still purchases mainly on demand, class B 5mm; Class C 8mm; Some level-D 10mm merchants tentatively reported high prices, but the terminal resistance was strong. The lack of awesome in demand was still the biggest bad news in the market. The mentality of the merchants was more cautious. They mostly actively shipped goods, and the downstream market search was not significantly improved. The mainstream quotation of linear today is yuan/ton

from the perspective of capital flow, the turnover rate was 546% on Friday and 553% on Thursday. The turnover rate was basically flat but still maintained at a high range. There was strong speculative power in trading, and it was difficult for the market to have a unilateral trend

in terms of fundamentals, agricultural film production has basically maintained a stable trend, and the manufacturer's inventory has maintained a normal state. Rigid demand in peak season of agricultural film supports production, and PE functional film manufacturers continue to maintain a high startup rate, within the range of 60%-80%; The production of solar film was basically completed, and the manufacturer turned to the production of PE functional film; In terms of plastic film, the spring reserve orders have not been followed up, and most plastic film manufacturers are still in the shutdown state. Only the northwest and southwest regions are supported by seasonal factors and bidding orders, and the startup rate remains ideal

on the whole, the economic situation at home and abroad has temporarily entered a relatively stable stage, and the trend of linear futures has remained volatile at 6 Absolutely stop the explosive practice of experiments. Here are some parts that are most easily damaged: the continuous rise shows the lack of market demand, which constitutes a major resistance to the future market. Always pay attention to the macro situation. In addition, the delivery pressure of January contract also has a negative impact on the price rise. It is expected that the price difference between May and January contract may expand

from the technical point of view, the market fell back on Friday and then rose. It can be seen that the air accurately weighed out the attitude of the weight side, and the price may continue to rush out of the high point. The intervention of funds has the full power to push the price close to the 10000 yuan level. However, beware of false breakthroughs, and it is expected that the market is more likely to rush up and fall back. In terms of operation, short-term follow-up, backed by Wanyuan pass, light warehouse intervention in empty orders

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