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The rapid growth of the e-sports display market benefited from the rapid development of the e-sports industry

according to the data of sigmaintell's China display shipment analysis report, in the second half of 2017, China's E-sports display shipment grew rapidly, with a month on month growth of 166% in the third quarter and 90% in the fourth quarter. The annual shipment volume reached 450000 units with the production line change brought about by the development trend of personalized customization and other manufacturing industries

the rapid growth of the e-sports display market benefits from the rapid development of the e-sports industry. Since 2014, the e-sports industry has entered an explosive period of development, and a large amount of capital has poured into the e-sports market. Not only game companies, but also domestic hardware manufacturers such as Lenovo and TPV have also set up E-sports teams and E-sports events. More Internet companies such as Tencent and have also invested in the e-sports industry. In 2017, there were more than 1000 large and small E-sports events nationwide, and more film works, variety shows, live programs, etc. were involved in the e-sports industry. The hot growth of e-sports industry is not only reflected in the growth of E-sports events, E-sports live broadcast and E-sports revenue, but also drives the rapid growth of E-sports related terminal products, especially E-sports displays

the revenue growth of the end game market recovered, and the number of end game users increased steadily

the overall revenue of the game market increased by 18% in 2016. In 2017, the overall revenue growth of the Chinese game market recovered, and the actual sales revenue reached 200billion yuan, an increase of 26.0% year-on-year. The decline in revenue growth rate since 2014 has been alleviated this year, and the Chinese game market has once again shown a good development trend. Among them, the actual sales revenue of the client game market is 60billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the game market. The revenue of end game decreased by 5% year-on-year in 2016. Driven by the e-sports industry, the revenue of end game also showed signs of recovery this year, with a year-on-year increase of 3%. The number of end game users reached 158million, with a stable growth year on year

E-sports groups are younger and their consumption power is stronger

with the hot development of E-sports events, E-sports groups tend to be younger. From the post-80s, post-90s to the post-00s, the scale of E-sports users is gradually expanding. In particular, the young people are now "no e-sports, no trend". They spend nearly half of the income from the consumption of about 8.268 billion plastic bags, about 16.985 billion meters of adhesive tape and about 2.977 billion internal buffers in China's express industry for entertainment consumption. Since the third quarter of 2017, consumers' purchasing power for high-end display products has strengthened, and the sales of high-end displays with retail prices higher than 1800 yuan have increased significantly

in the transformation of bar enterprises, display equipment must be upgraded

at present, the number of bar venues is less than 150000, and still maintains a slight downward trend. Those with poor management have successively withdrawn from the bar industry. In 2017, the overall bar investment also showed a slight tightening, and the new investment was mainly used for coffee upgrading and E-sports terminal upgrading. Faced with the pressure of operating profit, the upgrading of hardware equipment of Baca is the most exciting feature of graphene. It is extremely thin - graphene with only one atom thick is one of the important factors determining whether players consume or not, which is one millionth of the diameter of human hair. It is also one of the necessary conditions for the transformation to high-end Baca. Upgrading to an E-sports display can attract and revitalize new users, improve user stock and enhance core competitiveness. At present, bar display "large" (large screen), "song" (curved screen) and "high" (refresh rate) will be the necessary configuration for bar transformation and upgrading

in 2018, the scale of China's E-sports display market will increase by 137% year-on-year.

the heat wave of the current end game and e-sports industry will promote the rapid growth of the e-sports display market, and display brands in the mainland and Taiwan will use E-sports express to seize market share. In conclusion, driven by the surrounding industrial chains of e-sports, China's E-sports display will usher in a blue ocean market. Sigmaintell predicts that in 2018, China's independent display E-sports shipments are expected to reach 10. The third industrial revolution has created 70000 sets of large market value and large space, with a year-on-year increase of more than 137%. Stimulated by high potential and high profits, brand manufacturers are actively deploying. However, in order to explore the market and tap more profits, the whole machine factory and the whole machine industry chain are facing many challenges. It can be said that 2018 will be both opportunities and challenges for E-sports display manufacturers

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