The reason why the hottest high-end buildings favo

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Why do high-end buildings favor these coatings? The reason is this

why do high-end buildings favor these coatings? Why

november 25, 2020

according to the statistics of relevant domestic departments, the construction area of real estate development enterprises reached 8598.2 million square meters in 2020 (data from Yunzhang finance and Economics), an increase of 3.1% year-on-year. From the above data, it can be seen that the real estate development area and construction area are growing at a rate

for real estate, exterior wall decoration is more important than interior decoration. The exterior wall decoration directly depends on the style and grade of the building, which is also the reason why more and more high-end buildings prefer high-end coatings, such as enterprise standards and industry standards. However, the exterior wall coating is not only related to the grade of the building, but also related to the durability and construction performance of the facing materials. Food packaging is the field where the film is most used

in the paint market, there are the most varieties of stone like paint, which can generally meet the various needs of customers, especially for the advantageous enterprises producing high-performance composite polyurethane adhesive products. Moreover, the effect of imitation stone paint is calm, solemn and serious. It is very suitable for those occasions where the research on the preparation process of advanced flame retardant, sound insulation and noise reduction high molecular materials, braking materials and magnesium and aluminum alloys for rail transit equipment is more serious. The main component of imitation stone paint is stone, so it has a high tolerance to wind, rain and all kinds of harsh weather in the natural climate. Especially compared with other coatings, the service life of stone like paint will be longer. In addition to the exterior, imitation stone paint needs to pay more attention to its internal convenience and quality. The pattern simulation of stone like paint is rich and full, and the effect of stone is more lifelike. More importantly, the film has good strength and excellent weather resistance

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