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The rapid popularization of off-screen fingerprint recognition highlights the lack of core technology in China. Among the domestic products, vivo was the first to announce a breakthrough in off-screen fingerprint recognition technology. Subsequently, vivo launched off-screen fingerprint recognition technology on its X20 plus. However, this technology is not exclusive to vivo. It is said that Xiaomi mix2s and Huawei P20 will also adopt off-screen fingerprint recognition technology, The partner of Xiaomi mix2s is Synaptics, which cooperates with vivo

among the top four domestic companies, Xiaomi basically relies on ODM, oppo and vivo are independently designed and manufactured, while nearly half of Huawei is completed by ODM, and the other half is independently designed and manufactured using Huawei hisilic chips

under such circumstances, the failure analysis of its defective products is evaluated to become a product of high level and high trust. As a result, they have to rely on price war to seize market share in the middle and low-end market. The competition between Huawei and Xiaomi is the most intense. They attack back and forth in the low-end market and release ultra-low price sales. Of course, Huawei is much better than Xiaomi in the high-end market

oppo and vivo are mainly working in the mid-range market. They did not participate in the fierce price war. They mainly relied on fierce advertising marketing and strong offline channels. Advertising marketing started the brand, and offline channels actively promoted the mid-range. It is rumored that oppo and vivo gave higher profit commissions to promoters and retail stores than Huawei and Xiaomi

obviously, it is difficult to establish a threshold in this way, which also leads to their low profits. Huawei, oppo and vivo, which have better profits, accounted for less than half of the profits of Samsung in the global intelligent market in 2017. If other lights are on in the shipment volume, it also indicates that the three enterprises have exceeded Samsung in terms of the destruction of the driver. The result is precisely because they lack their own core technology advantages. Even Huawei, which has the strongest technical strength, has an obvious gap with Samsung. At present, Samsung's strength in the industrial chain is even stronger than China's entire industrial chain

the rapid popularization of off screen fingerprint identification technology just reflects this. In vivo's publicity, this achievement was successfully developed in cooperation with Synaptics. However, from the top of VI, there is a movable horizontal beam. VO first turns off the controller and computer; The interface on the controller is the support that Xiaomi is expected to quickly obtain after the fingerprint identification technology under the screen is sent one by one. In fact, Synaptics is the leader of this technology, and vivo has no exclusive right

if domestic brands want to make more profits, they obviously need to invest more resources in technology research and development, and truly develop the core technologies they own. Only in this way can a higher threshold be established. After a new technology has achieved results, they can rely on monopoly to make more profits. Otherwise, they will still compete intelligently in the middle and low-end market in the future, even if the shipment volume continues to increase, The profit margin is still limited

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