The real reason for the error of face recognition

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Face recognition error after iPhone x upgrade: the real reason is here

since the release of iPhone x, there have been various big and small problems. According to many friends, after upgrading the official version of IOS 11.2, some users' messages are the key to the experimental machine. Now the face ID function of iPhone x is suspended, and errors will be reported when using it. After trying, some users who encounter bugs are restarted and solved. However, there are still some that do not work. At the same time, considering that the probability of the bug is not high, someone studied it carefully

according to Neowin, apple analyst and technology critic reng. can automatically archive and manually archive after the test. E Ritchie broke the news that the reason why the face ID of iPhone X has problems is that some adjust the time in advance to avoid the date bug and then upgrade to IOS 11.2

the so-called date bug is the main reason for the rapid release of the official version of IOS 11.2. Specifically, if the iPhone is equipped with an app based on the repeated development time notification from low-end to high-end products. 1. The reminder function of key parts will continue to crash and restart indefinitely after 0:15 on December 2

so Ritchie stressed that those who have modified the time must restore the default and restart as soon as possible after upgrading to IOS 11.2

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