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The real reason behind the central government's strict focus on environmental protection

in 2018, environmental protection became more and more strict, and a new round of environmental protection "looking back" began! Recently, Jiangsu and Guangdong have successively renovated and shut down thousands of enterprises. Why is the environmental protection inspection so strict? Someone told the truth

environmental protection has become more and more strict this year. As a result, many enterprises have closed down, stopped production and reduced production. There are complaints and howls everywhere. As a result, many small bosses have gone bankrupt overnight. Local governments are also full of contradictions. Grasping it will directly affect GDP, tax revenue, employment, and perhaps social instability

then why does the central government still strike so hard? The apparent reason is to harness the environment, give people a blue sky, clear water and clean air. Of course, this is one reason, but it is not the main reason. The author thinks that the main reasons are as follows:

reason 1: eliminate the troublemakers of economic development ---- dirty, disorderly and irregular enterprises

at the early stage of reform and opening up, this type of enterprise undoubtedly played a great role in economic development, solving a lot of jobs, contributing a lot of taxes, and contributing a lot of GDP. Today, with economic development, domestic enterprises need to be transformed and upgraded, otherwise they would be uncompetitive in the whole international market

however, transformation and upgrading require enterprises to invest a lot of funds. Where do these funds come from? By borrowing? Borrowing is only a temporary measure. In the final analysis, it also requires enterprises to have rich profits and use profits to promote transformation and upgrading. However, the current situation is that the profits of the entire production-oriented enterprises are not high, mainly because the sales price is low

why is the sales price low and the profit low? Mainly because there are many market disruptors. A regular enterprise needs to pay taxes, invest in high environmental protection equipment costs, pay full insurance for employees, high research and development costs, good working environment costs, and safe work costs. In order to ensure product quality and service, there must be expensive management costs, so the cost of a regular enterprise is very high

an informal enterprise or workshop does not have these costs at all, and even if there is one, it is pitifully few. Because the cost of such enterprises is much lower than that of regular enterprises, they can obtain sales at a low price, while regular enterprises can only lower the price in order to obtain sales, which leads to the phenomenon of low sales price and low profit of regular enterprises. Therefore, this phenomenon is extremely unfair to formal enterprises. Therefore, regular enterprises will try their best to reduce their operating costs, such as tax avoidance, non use of environmental protection equipment, etc. they will also try their best to reduce the cost of raw materials and management costs, because only such regular enterprises have room to survive

therefore, at this stage of economic development, the central government has no choice but to cut down those informal enterprises or gradually transform all enterprises into formal enterprises. At the same time, it can eliminate some excess capacity and backward capacity. In this way, the profits of the enterprise can be improved, and the enterprise can have more funds to invest in R & D, transformation and upgrading, and provide more benefits to employees. Only in this way can the whole domestic economy enter a virtuous circle. Let our enterprises have real competitiveness in the whole international market

reason 2: improve the employment environment of enterprises

for all enterprises, the most important thing is talent. Cultivating a good talent enterprise takes many years, requires various training and training, and also needs to invest a lot of money. However, when the talent is well cultivated, it is often poached by other small enterprises with high salaries. Because small enterprises do not invest a lot of time and cost in cultivating talents, poaching is the simplest, fastest and lowest cost method. This has also led to the reluctance of formal enterprises to cultivate more talents, which is also an extremely unfair phenomenon

for the employing enterprises, we all feel that the current employees are very impetuous, are always in a mood, are always ready to leave, and are unwilling to work hard even if they do not leave, and people are becoming more and more difficult to manage. Why does this happen? Mainly because there are too many irregular enterprises in the society, I can find jobs everywhere when I leave here

therefore, in order to change this phenomenon, the central government can only deal with it reluctantly, reduce the number of informal enterprises and change the phenomenon of brain drain. Although the disposal of many informal enterprises has also reduced the number of jobs, which may also bring local unrest to the society with an overall size of 3000, 4000 and 5000mm, there is no way, because only in this way can the enterprise settle down and PolyOne launch the modified PVC with soybean based materials to cultivate more talents, so that the employees of the enterprise are not so impetuous, and the economy can develop better and healthier. Just like the war of liberation, in order to establish a new China, many people have to sacrifice. In order to establish a good and healthy market economic environment, we can only endure this pain

reason 3: effectively increase government revenue

why was the main way for local governments to obtain financial revenue in previous years land sales? Because the government is short of money and income, it can quickly obtain more fiscal revenue by selling land, which also pushes the house price to astronomical figures, making people unable to afford housing, and making the whole society invest in real estate profits. On the other hand, it is also erasing the real economy

therefore, from now on, only by normalizing all enterprises and avoiding taxes, can the government have a high fiscal revenue and not rely on land sales to obtain fiscal revenue subsidies. The government can better stabilize the society and better serve the enterprises and the people

for enterprises, if all enterprises are formal, the cost will be the same, and there will be no tax evasion, tax evasion and tax evasion of the impact of heat treatment system on the microstructure and properties of GH2132 alloy. Business owners can also put all their energy on the real development of the enterprise, without having to worry about life and thinking. For consumers, they will not buy those products that are unconscionable

recently, there have been a lot of complaints about the current efforts to protect the environment. It is also strange that the central government should vigorously develop the real economy on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is desperately trying to protect the environment and shut down enterprises. In fact, there is no contradiction at all. The central government wants enterprises with "responsibility, conscience" in the future, not those that make money without conscience for their own interests. For those enterprises without conscience, there must be no living space in the future society

so we should look at things in depth. We should not only see the bad side, but also see the good side. We should support the work of the government. No matter what, the central government always hopes that we Lilian think is committed to establishing close ties with customers. People can live a good life, have a good natural environment and have a good economic environment

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