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Reasons for non refrigeration of constant temperature and humidity box

1 Since the temperature cannot be maintained, observe whether the refrigeration compressor can be started during the operation of the test chamber, and whether the compressor can be started during the operation of the environmental test equipment, indicating that the electrical circuit from the main power supply to each compressor is normal, and there is no problem in the electrical system

2. There is no problem with the electrical system. Continue to check the refrigeration system. First, check that the discharge and suction pressure of the low temperature (R23) compressor of the two groups of refrigeration units are lower than the normal value, and the suction pressure is intuitive and clear in the form of evacuation; The experimental data and marked tables can be automatically reported and printed, indicating that the refrigeration dose of the main refrigeration unit is insufficient

3. Touch the exhaust and suction lines of the R23 compressor of the main unit by hand, and it is found that the temperature of the exhaust line is not high, and the temperature of the suction line is not low (not frosted), which also indicates that the R23 refrigerant of the main unit is lack

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