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Pirci: a new robot that fully supports ROS

the full English name of ROS is robot operating system, that is, robot operating system. It is one of the most excellent and flexible software frameworks in the field of robot development at present, and it is also the most popular robot operating system in the current open source wave

ros open source system play robot

ros contains a series of tools, libraries and protocols, and provides services similar to the operating system, including hardware abstract description, underlying driver management, common function execution, interprocess messaging, and program distribution package management. In the face of complex and diverse robot platforms, it can greatly simplify the creation of complex tasks and stable behavior control

all tools and main client libraries (c++, python, lisp, etc.) independent of the development language in ROS are released under the BSD open source license and can be used for commercial and research purposes free of charge

prbt6 brand new launch experience innovative charm

pirci's newly released robot prbt6 can fully support ROS. Users can carry out secondary development based on the open-source Figure 4 twin-screw extruder reactive extrusion polylactide polyurethane product stress-strain curve development package provided by pierremagnetic, so as to realize advanced applications such as complex path planning, speech recognition, visual guidance, distributed control, etc. Compared with the development package written and uploaded by ordinary users, pirci's ROS development package has higher stability and user friendliness, meets the requirements of industrial quality, and can be immediately used in many industries and service robot environments where everyone knows that Jinan sells experimental machines

another advantage of the robot prbt6 is its flexibility. The body weight is 19kg, the load is 6kg, and the DC 24V power supply is adopted. Users do not need to configure an additional control cabinet. A PC equipped with ROS and a set of safety controller can easily realize safe robot control, reflecting the real plug and play

robot business helps the development of the industry

pirci's robot business includes prbt6 service robots, motion control solutions for the robot industry, robot safety services and non-standard automation integration, which can provide users with a package of turnkey projects

on September 18, 2019, the pirci robot business conference was grandly held in Shanghai. More than 100 users in the industry jointly witnessed this important historical moment and were unwilling to become the first human history moment of "eating crabs"

pirci is confident to become the most trusted partner of customers in the robot business field

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