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A new round of price decline in the northern PVC market

the heat in June has completely evaporated the confidence of PVC dealers in Shandong. A new round of falling price storm of PVC in northern China caused by this is inevitable. The long-term low price and sluggish demand will be covered by the sudden fall of June snow

from May 31, bad news began to come from Shandong PVC market. Domestic type 3 and type 5 PVC have been largely unsalable, and the panic of dealers has reached a new peak in the past two months. The market price has been reduced from 5800 yuan/t to 5700 yuan/t, but this is only the market quotation, and it is impossible for some dealers to ship a large amount of goods at yuan/t in advance. This week's sales of Qilu Petrochemical, Solvay, the global leader in high-performance polyamide materials, recently launched a new high-temperature resistant polyamide 6.6 (PA66) material TECHNYL reg containing "smart" self reinforcing technology; Redx has been at a standstill, and the inventory has begun to rise sharply. The dealer said that at present, even if the ex factory price is 5600 yuan/t, it will not purchase goods

political leaders generally recognized and respected by people of different factions. However, PVC produced in Russia in North China and Henan markets continued to pour in this week, and was blooming everywhere. The price was yuan/t, which seriously affected the sales of domestic PVC in the north. The price of RMB/t in domestic PVC enterprises is difficult to stabilize under the pressure of this environment. Therefore, once next week's time has passed, otherwise it will not be imported, and the mainstream price of PVC in the whole northern market will soon fall back to yuan/t

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