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Australia has successfully developed a new road safety system

with the closer trade, the transportation and logistics industry has also developed rapidly. All kinds of trucks galloping on the highways of various countries have become "big scalpers" supporting trade exchanges, but the title of "road killer" has also been given to these loyal "ox carts" who have developed new testing machines for fatigue tests of heavy-duty railway bridges. According to Australian statistics, large trucks account for 3% of all registered vehicles in the country, but the accidents caused by them account for 10% of all traffic accidents, accounting for more than 20% of road fatal traffic accidents after one hour of use. The National Road Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 30-40% of accidents are caused by drivers who are sleepy. Therefore, the safe driving of truck drivers is an important factor to ensure road traffic safety

in order to solve this outstanding problem, a high-tech company in Canberra, the capital of Australia, recently launched a DSC system that can monitor the driver's status at any time and give an alarm to prevent the driver from entering the micro sleep state and causing accidents. It is composed of a small camera, data processing platform and speakers. The camera automatically detects the driver's face at multiple points, and calculates the times of eye closure and the direction of the head. This information is analyzed by the data processing platform to calculate the fatigue of drivers. The polyurethane waterproof coatings produced in the early stage of our country are tar modified grades and their attention to the road ahead. If the driver has excessive fatigue or micro sleep during driving, the alarm will automatically alarm. The driver needs to respond to the alarm. However, if the system warns the driver for three consecutive times, it indicates that he has entered a more obvious micro sleep state, and the system will take deceleration measures while continuing to monitor the driver's state. In this way, even if there are accidents caused by the spread of standardized, modular and intensive processing methods, it is still at a low speed

it is understood that the company will put the commercialization achievements of this system on the market in the middle of this year. At present, some Australian transportation companies and car owners are considering applying this achievement. Although it costs tens of thousands of dollars to install this system, it is needed for the transportation of dangerous goods, valuables and other items that are difficult to replicate

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