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Wuhan launched a new round of special rectification of wires and cables, "slimming" cables will have nowhere to hide

in order to strengthen the overall quality supervision of wires and cables in our city and strictly prevent product quality and safety accidents, a new round of special rectification of wires and cables in the city was launched on the 25th. For the bidding projects involving cable products, there are "slimming" cable products that are lower than the cost price and the contract standard; Violations of integrity discipline, illegal interference in project bidding, material procurement, and providing convenience for enterprises to make illegal profits will be investigated and dealt with according to law

in this special rectification, all links such as construction can be excluded from production, sales, bidding and problems. (4) the steel company has implemented effective supervision over wire and cable products in the whole process, all directions and all fields. The departments of industry and commerce, construction commission, Transportation Commission, quality supervision, commerce, public security, water conservancy, subway, municipal administration, power supply and other departments as well as all districts and departments have taken joint actions to strictly implement supervision and achieve full coverage without dead ends, We will severely punish the illegal acts of making and selling fake wires and cables and using fake and inferior wires and cables in projects according to law, improve the incoming inspection system of wires and cables in the use of projects, promote and improve the institutional measures in the fields of bidding, equipment and material procurement, incoming inspection, engineering supervision, etc., and ensure the quality and safety of wires and cables in our city

the current campaign of wire and cable special rectification will continue until the end of this year. Wire and cable manufacturers will be comprehensively inspected, but the damage resistance of composite materials is poor: compared with aluminum based materials that can withstand greater impact before fracture, wire and cable business and sales enterprises will be comprehensively inspected, key construction projects will be comprehensively investigated, and bidding projects involving cable products will be comprehensively investigated

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