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New scene + new technology leverage logistics upgrading haifule hardware new logistics center landed in Shanghai

on September 10, haifule hardware, the world's leading supplier of furniture hardware, construction hardware and electronic door lock system, settled in Shanghai Songjiang Baowan logistics park, the largest logistics center in China, with a base covering an area of more than 6400 square meters. On the day of the launching ceremony, Torre, general manager of haifule hardware, predicted that the project could achieve an annual sales revenue of 400million yuan when it was put into operation. Mr. Torre attended the ceremony with haifule's partners

at the first stop, guests were invited to the haifule Experience Hall in Xuhui District, where Mr. Gong Weilong, director of haifule Hardware China supply chain, gave a comprehensive explanation of the new distribution center

on this good opportunity, haifule also released four innovative hardware products in the fruit and vegetable procurement area of Qianshan Road store of Yonghui supermarket, which conform to the market development trend and meet the needs of customers: ixconnect SC 8/25 expansion tenon/cabinet connector, which won the red dot award of 2017 Cologne furniture exhibition, integrates innovative technology and mini design, and plays a core role in the minimalist installation, stability and service life of furniture; Haifule ble box, a simple implementation of smart home, brings you a different light and shadow experience; Haifule fushijie world axis door closer, perfectly hidden, super load-bearing and long service life, solves the problem of selecting large door leaves; Vs. the high-temperature hot gas rushes out of the box for 10 minutes. The new corner basket product, based on high-tech applications, caters to the international mainstream ultra-thin design and easy user experience, and achieves high-quality life taste

then, the guests took a bus to the haifule new distribution center located in Shanghai Baowan logistics center, and under the leadership of the relevant person in charge, visited and experienced the receiving area, storage area (pallet product storage area, long material storage area, small product storage area, turnover area), packaging area, delivery area, etc

together with the other three logistics distribution centers, the logistics center will meet the needs of customers in the shortest time and deliver the service standards of excellent quality, excellent warehousing and excellent logistics to customers

after the visit, Mr. Torre, general manager of haifule, Mr. hner, sales director, Mr. Eberle, director of category management, Mr. Gong Weilong, director of supply chain, and Gu Xuejun, deputy general manager of Baowan Logistics Park jointly participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony, announcing the official launch of haifule's new logistics center

about haifule Shanghai new logistics center

haifule Shanghai new distribution center uses the world's most advanced SAP EWM software for business operations; All orders use advanced radio frequency (RF) technology to sort goods, which greatly improves the accuracy and work efficiency; All orders are properly packed and inspected to ensure the safe delivery of goods to customers. The storage area is more than 6000 square meters. So far, haifule has a storage area of more than 10000 square meters, and more than 13000 kinds of goods are provided to Chinese customers; Haifule distribution center has everything from a few millimeter sized screw to a six meter long guide rail; The world's leading logistics route and shelf planning, equipped with advanced logistics equipment, can send more than 280 orders to Chinese customers every day

so far, haifule has four distribution centers in China, which enables Zhongwang to have a full range of capabilities from independent design to manufacturing and processing automotive aluminum materials to meet the needs of customers in the shortest time; For the products in stock, we promise to deliver within 24 hours after receiving the order; Haifule has decades of business experience and cooperates with reliable transportation partners to ensure that goods arrive on time

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