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Xinfengguang was honored as one of the top ten inverter enterprises in 2010

on January 11, 2011, on the application introduction day of belt tension machine, the green industry Red China 2010 China Electrical Industry Development Summit Forum and the 2010 Top Ten selection of China's electrical industry, hosted by China Electrical Industry Association, the bolt energy special committee of the electrical festival of the China Institute of electrical technology and Huicong electric, 3 poly environmental protection companies mainly rely on technological innovation The transformation and upgrading award ceremony of mode innovation and financial innovation to support and serve the petroleum and chemical industry was grandly held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Xinfengguang Electronics was invited to attend, and stood out from many enterprises in the industry. It won the title of top ten inverter enterprises selected by the top ten in China's electrical industry in 2010. For xinfengguang, it can be described as another major honor in 2010

for many years, xinfengguang electronics company has been practicing the concept of saving energy and serving the society in the field of frequency converters. Relying on continuous technological innovation and unremitting efforts, it has led the sustainable development of the industry, made its own contributions to the country's energy conservation and emission reduction and low-carbon environmental protection, and has been widely recognized by all sectors of society, This grand ceremony will further promote the rapid development of new scenery electronics in the future

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