The hottest new scenery in Maldives three trees em

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Maldives new scenery three trees embellish the Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Maldives new scenery three trees embellish the Pearl of the Indian Ocean

November 23, 2018

the east wind of the "the Belt and Road" made the three trees keenly smell the potential of tight resources affecting the Maldives market. With the progress of the society, the Maldives social housing project has a total construction scale of 7000 units, which has attracted many companies to bid. This is paint and varnish for three trees. It is the determination of 20 °, 60 ° and 85 ° specular gloss of paint film without metallic pigments. GB 9754 (8) the arduous challenge is a huge opportunity

in the face of such opportunities and challenges, sankeshu meets the difficulties, accurately understands the needs of the project, prepares the most suitable products for the project, and carries forward the cultural marketing concept of "attracting users with culture", so that sankeshu can successfully enter the bidding horizon of China paint

sending samples is a race against time. It takes only two days from receiving the notice to sending samples. According to the needs of customers in the early stage, three trees need to make 16 color samples for customers to choose. Time was tight and the task was heavy. The project team and the color matching team resisted the pressure and worked overtime within two days. They successfully sent the samples within the deadline and completed the task with quality and quantity guaranteed, which was recognized by customers

at the same time, the English version of the proposal recommendation is carefully prepared for customers, which is 1 ° more than satisfaction. The considerate service that exceeds customers' expectations shortens the distance with customers, and makes customers feel the professionalism and sincerity from three trees

with high-quality products and considerate services, sankeshu finally stood out from many competitors and won the bid successfully. For 7000 houses, three tree paint will be used after the main body and dynamometer are respectively transported to the concrete on the inner and outer walls. With the vision of "building the world and greening the world", the three trees will also leave a beautiful shadow in the beautiful Maldives

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