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A new round of power investment speed-up by central enterprises

in order to cooperate with the macroeconomic policy of national expansion, but generally difficult to shape and process, large domestic demand and maintain economic growth, yesterday, Datang Group, which has the largest hydropower installation among China's five major power generation groups, officially announced in Chongqing that their total hydropower installation capacity will be doubled in the next five years based on the current 10million kW foundation, with Academician jianxigao and his team as the core

in Chongqing Datang Pengshui hydropower station located in the main stream of the Wujiang River, we can see: Pengshui hydropower station, the most important power support point of the south channel of the west east power transmission, our machine support parameters are stable, and unit 1 has been officially put into operation. All five units of this hydropower station have made outstanding contributions to the revitalization of the economy of Luozhuang district for many years. After completion, the total installed hydropower capacity of Datang Group will exceed 10million kW

Xie Zhuojian, chief engineer of Chongqing Datang International Pengshui hydropower company, said: "the total investment of Pengshui hydropower station is more than 12 billion, but the total load we can provide electricity every year is 6.3 billion kwh. According to our current electricity price, the annual output value is more than 1.7 billion."

Zhai Ruoyu, general manager of Datang Group, said, "from the perspective of our total installed capacity, the structure has been significantly improved. Our total installed capacity is 70million kW, hydropower accounts for 10million kW, and 001741 clean energy and renewable energy account for nearly 15% of our total installed capacity."

unlike the previous round of power investment, the focus of this round of power investment will be on clean energy, mainly hydropower and wind power. In addition to maintaining its leading edge in hydropower investment, Datang Group has also built the world's largest wind power plant in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. In addition, China Huaneng Group is building 14 cascade hydropower stations in the Lancang River Basin. The total installed capacity of wind power of Guodian group has exceeded 2million kW. Huadian Group will build four hydropower stations with a total designed installed capacity of more than 1.1 million kW in the next five years. CPI is also cooperating extensively with National Nuclear Power in nuclear power technology exchange and inland nuclear power project cooperation

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