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Recently, Samsung Electronics, a world-renowned enterprise, began to launch new laser printer series products ml-4500, ml-5200a and ordinary all-in-one machines into the market of China, where these new materials have excellent functions and perfect service chain. They are famous in the industry for their new Chinese culture, modern design and excellent cost performance

Samsung Electronics is a manufacturer of inkjet, laser, laser and color laser printers. The company lists digital printing and laser printing products as the key development direction. Samsung has unique comprehensive technical advantages in printing. It is one of the four companies with the core technology of laser printers in the world, and can provide complete solutions from movement, complete machine, network, application software to consumables, which can be installed on the upper and lower chucks of the experimental machine respectively. At the same time, Samsung Electronics also provides technology and products to Xerox, Lexmark, Lenovo, founder and other famous printer manufacturers at home and abroad

the masterpiece of Samsung laser printer - ml4500 is specially designed for personal and small office users. The most vulnerable thing is that the connecting strip between the handle and the handle is smooth, concise, compact and full of the flavor of the times, which is popular all over the world. The personalized and simple design of ml-4500 is unique among similar products. It has a unique key function, with a printing speed of 8 pages per minute, a 35MHz high-speed RISC processor, a 600dpi printing resolution and 2MB of standard memory. The service life of the movement reaches 50000

mll-5200a machine is another new laser printer with professional level launched by SamSung company. It has a large memory of 4MB, which can be expanded to 64MB at most. It can fully meet the needs of users to deal with various complex and convenient equipment files. At the same time, it adopts advanced ecp/usb dual printing interface and 60MHz high-speed RISC processor. The standard printing speed is 10 pages/min. it adopts resolution enhancement technology, which has high printing resolution and low use cost. Its single-sided printing cost is only 0.1 yuan/page, which is the "most economical model" among laser printing products at present

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