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New sandwich composites are developing rapidly

the research and development level of pet foam products of the core business department of Alcan (aluminum) composite group has always been in the leading position in the industry. Airext92 pet core material is a new product launched by Alcan group in March, 2009, as an upgraded product of airext91. Irext92 not only greatly enhances its mechanical properties and damage toughness, but also reduces more costs, creating a new era of pet foam and becoming the preferred material for various structural sandwich applications

the upgraded Airex T90 core material of Alcan group passed the FST standard certification in NF, DIN, far and other aspects, and re entered the sales market on December 2. This shows that the new sandwich material can meet the requirements of Cen TS 45 '545

These achievements of Alcan group have further consolidated its leading position in the pet sandwich material market. Airextt90 and T91 have achieved great success since their launch in 2005. Alcan has also accumulated rich experience and exquisite skills, and its products and technology have always been at the first-class level in the industry

alcan group's wide range of core products can provide customers with the most perfect sandwich structure solutions. Using the hybrid core concept, users can choose to combine different core materials according to the best standards (weight, cost, sustainable utilization), so as to obtain the best solution for sandwich structure in recent years

the reintroduced iRex T90 maximizes the mechanical properties: the research and development of key core technologies of damage toughness strengthening new materials (as the most prominent improvement) has been improved by four times (from the original 2.5% to the current 1L screen hand durability: 1million, 10million, 160million, 200million times or more (width R8 mm, hardness 60 °, pressure 250g, twice per second) 0%); Cutting strength is another aspect of design improvement, which has exceeded 30%. Airex T90 also includes other performance features, such as high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, compatibility with all ordinary resins, and recycling, which greatly improves environmental protection benefits

Introduction to the sandwich business unit of Alcan (Alcan) composite material group

the sandwich business unit of Alcan (Alcan) composite material group is a multinational enterprise with a total number of 1500 employees, and has factories in Europe, North America, Ecuador and China. It has three major sandwich material brands, Airex, Baltek and kitkore. The company has created sandwich structure technology for nearly 70 years. The main customers of sandwich materials are processing enterprises, which provide new lightweight sandwich structural materials for wind power, shipbuilding, transportation and other industrial markets. Especially in the wind power market, the emergence of sandwich materials has made a great contribution to renewable energy power generation

the core business division of Alcan composite group can provide a complete range of core products, with various types of foam products and most light wood plantations in Ecuador, which has always played a leading role in the research and application of composite sandwich structure core materials in the industry. A ranks first in the world. Lcan can provide hard foam (cross-linked PVC foam, linear PVC foam, pet foam, Pei foam, PU foam, etc.) and balsa series light wood with excellent quality (with a global market share of more than 70%), and its products cover all application fields of the composite industry

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